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TCFDA Course Curriculum

How to Sell Your Artwork

Basics of Art Licensing - Staff TBD

Textile Design Career Paths - Staff TBD

The Ultimate Guide to Repeats

Exploring the Wet Printing Process - Staff TBD

Illustrator Brushes - Staff TBD

Glitch - Staff TBD

The Sellable Sketch

Creative Sketchbooks - Staff TBD

The Insiders Guide to Watercolor Stripes - Staff TBD

Tutti Fruit Children's Trend- Staff TBD

Bloomsbury Style - Staff TBD

60s Pop - Staff TBD

The Moneymaker Bootcamp

10 Tips for Designing Print for Swimwear - Staff TBD

Floral Layout - Staff TBD

Using Color in Textile Design - Staff TBD

Blogging for the Pattern Industry

Marketing & Sales Concepts - Staff TBD

Self Promotion - Staff TBD

Build a Better Business in 5 Days

Etiquette in the Design World - Staff TBD

The Print Show Guide

Launching a Product Line - Staff TBD

Trade Shows 101 - Staff TBD

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