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Helpful Fashion Design Books

Our Favorite Reads For Personal and Professional Growth

In a recent blog post, we suggested ways to find Your North Star.  Having a long term vision with your ultimate Why and goal, you can better stay on track to get there.  Read our post here.  If you're not sure what your North Star is, this book will help you find your true calling

Whether your an adventurist type or not, the 12 Hour Walk is an incredible journey of Colin O'Brian.  I loved his story and am planning my 12 hour walk this month!  Stay tuned as I will post about how it goes!

Eric Thomas is such an inspiration to thousands of people.  HIs childhood story and how he overcame obstacles to find his calling, his power and create his own success.  This book gave me a personal power boost- like a good friend who is your biggest cheerleader.  I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good success story!

Helpful Fashion Design Books


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