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Comprehensive Business Builder for Surface Design


*IFD has partnered with Longina Phillips to share their offerings of Textile Design Classes. I have personally been working with Longina Phillips for many years now and they are a top notch textile studio. By purchasing through this IFD link, we will get credit for the referral, which helps support IFD and the work we do everyday to provide you valuable resources and content, at no additional cost to you, We appreciate your using the links through this portal when you go to purchase a class. We appreciate you! Like many of our students you might question how to make a fulltime wage out of design. Or wonder if your work is even good enough to monetise on a global scale. The truth is, if you don’t learn the actual steps needed to run a profitable business, your #sidehustle will remain just that, on the side. Here at Longina Phillips Designs we’re passionate about helping designers of all levels demystify the business side of design and gain much-needed confidence, whilst fast-tracking your design career. If you’re ready to turn your love of design into a successful business, then let us show you the exact steps that we use to this day. *THIS IS WAITLISTED: SIGN UP FOR THE WAITLIST HERE:

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