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3. Key Pillar: CONNECTION

Design Phase 3: Kick-Off & Range Planning

3.  Key Pillar:  CONNECTION

To connect is to join together, to provide access and communication. All designs connect one thing to another, one human to another, and how it connects the two is essential when thinking consciously. It's no coincidence that when we use an eco-friendly, ethical, or animal-friendly product, we feel better about our experience. A product that is consciously designed to support the systems of our world and not break them down connects us to not just the product itself but the result of the product's impact.

How do we build a connection around our design process and products?
Take a look at all the hands that touch the product- from a farmer, to the transporter, from the fabric maker to the sewer- consider your relationships not only of your suppliers and customers, but your social groups, your neighbors- your teammates. By thinking about all the touch points of your products journey, it builds a broader awareness, which in turn leads to more conscious decisions and can then become part of your brands authentic story.

As we move into Design Phase 3: Kick-Off & Range Planning you can build the awareness of all the connections you make along the way

To access the breakdown of Phase 3: visit the link here (coming soon)

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