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1. Key Pillar: OBSERVATION

Design Phase 1: Design Origins & Sustainability in Fashion

1.  Key Pillar:  OBSERVATION

To observe is to be conscious. When we take more time to observe, we better understand what we see, hear, feel, taste, touch, and smell. The more you observe, the greater the understanding of the ins and outs. That said, the more you observe the phases within the design process, the more you can design consciously.

When working through the design and development process, consider all the hands touching it and how that design will work, from materials and manufacturing to shipping. To know if it will be successful, you take time to contemplate, brainstorm, research, and understand the process and how it will impact your business and those who purchase your product. By using some time to observe how your designs will affect the health of the world around you, the return you get is far greater than any other product you throw on the shelf.

Design Phase 1: Design Origins & Sustainability in Fashion.
Are you starting your brand?
Are you working in the industry within a specific role?
Are you a designer working on a new collection?

No matter where you are in the design process or what role you play, this process checklist is a reference tool for you to utilize for observing and becoming more conscious of what's involved and how many hands touch the product.

To access the list, visit here (coming soon)

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