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5. Key Pillar: LEGACY,

Design Phase 5: Go-To-Market, Circularity

5.  Key Pillar:  LEGACY,

LEGACY: Imagine what you can create by taking the time to observe. By starting with these four pillars and purposefully incorporating them into the heart of your design process, you will produce more consciously designed products, resulting in a better tomorrow for your company, your consumers, and our world.

"Legacy branding means you have considered and designed the impact your mission and values will have on future generations. It will also make you think about what you want to leave behind for your family, community, country, and even the planet". Ian Peterman, Conscious Design

I have considered leaving my legacy but didn't consider doing it through my design work. This is my favorite key point that Peterman makes in his Conscious Design book. Designing Consciously naturally leads to a positive impact on people, the planet, and profits, which will build a lasting brand and become a lasting legacy to be proud of.

Design Phase 5: Go-To-Market/Product Circularity

To access the breakdown and checklist for Phase 5: visit here (coming soon)

As for Product Circularity- this is a significant consideration at the beginning stages of the design process. We have placed it here as another reminder that we need to have a plan for the product's end-of-life and how we will close the circle of our product's life cycle.

We look forward to having you join us on this journey! For the whole experience and access to the Conscious Design process, join us as we travel through this journey at

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