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Meet Your

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Britta Cabanos

Owner & Founder 

Greetings, Conscious Fashion Friends! My name is Britta Cabanos and I'm delighted to welcome you here. We're excited to announce The Conscious Fashion Design Master Class, starting this fall.  Our team of industry experts will be your coaches to guide you through this masterclass and helping your through each phase of this course.  You will be learning LIVE, from top industry pros from around the globe-  Click on each coach below to get to know them and prepare to learn from the top professionals the field!

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Rebecca Kaufman

5.16.24 Coach Graphics-04.png

Daniela Caine

5.16.24 Coach Graphics-06.png

Anna Cosentino

5.16.24 Coach Graphics-05.png

Joanne Swift

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics-08.png

Suzanne Anderson

5.16.24 Coach Graphics-07.png

Caroline Priebe

5.16.24 Coach Graphics-08.png

Ian Peterman

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics-13.png

Kamilah Sanders

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics-10.png

Nova Lorraine

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics-15.png

Jessica Couch

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics-12.png

Karen Pauls-Christensen

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics-16.png

Andrea Sanderlin

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics-14.png

Emma Bottomley

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics - Coming Soon.png

Kelli Donovan

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics-09.png

Stephanie Jadotte

6.20.24 IFD - Coach Graphics - Coming Soon.png

Rachel Erickson

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