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I was 15 years old, growing up in a small town in Minnesota when I first heard about the Fashion Institute of Technology exchange program at North Dakota State University. My mom is a crafter, and I grew up sewing and crafting alongside her. I didn't know designing clothes was a career option- but once I learned about it, from that moment on, getting into FIT and living in New York City became my dream for the future. I arrived at my FIT interview, having flown alone and taken the subway for the first time. I was a small-town girl, nervous and sweaty, with my heavy black portfolio in one hand and a bag of taffeta and velvet dresses in the other. FIT was my entry into fashion and launched my now 30-year career in the apparel design industry. I stepped off the subway into the city and never looked back.


After graduating from FIT, I worked for prominent names like Nike, Perry Ellis, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, and Jantzen. Eventually, I launched my swimwear line because being an entrepreneur always felt like my calling.  I managed to get an appointment with Victoria's Secret, showed up with my suitcase full of swim samples, and sweated through VS  asking me a zillion questions. Still trying to figure out how I did it, but I got a big order, and one of my suits landed in a full-page centerfold of their swimwear catalog. After that, I sold my suits to Canyon Beachwear and boutiques nationwide. Next came some life changes- kids and a job offer that required a move across the country that was too good to pass up. We wanted to avoid raising kids in NYC, so we took the offer and made our way out to the Pacific NW. I loved my job and continued there for many years. After some further life changes and needing more flexibility, I became a design consultant, which eventually led to co-founding a design consulting studio named Creative Capital Design. CCD is now 11 years old and provides Strategy, Design, and Development for athletic apparel and outdoor brands.  


These days I'm no longer climbing the corporate ladder to be the next prominent designer at a renowned brand. Instead, I'm focusing on what's most rewarding: my passion for mentoring, sharing, and creating a supportive community in the apparel industry.


My Story

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While working on 7th Avenue, I often felt lost and stressed in this highly competitive and fast-paced work environment.  What I could have used as a young designer was mentors with the voice of experience.  To feel supported & inspired by people successfully managing their careers in the fashion industry. To hear their journeys, their triumphs and failures, and the lessons they learned. That's why I decided to create a space that offers just that-  a personal, behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the apparel industry.  Welcome to Inside Fashion Design.

Brand Work

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Creative Capital Design

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About us

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Inside Fashion Design is a multi-media platform for Conscious fashion industry professionals where we LEARN, GROW & and CONNECT.   Through education, resources, and industry connections, we grow together both personally & and professionally so we ensure best practices and make a more significant social impact. Our team consists of industry experts, many with over 25 years in the industry with experience at major brands including Nike, Adidas, Intel, Champion & and more

Our  WHY


Since founded in 2017, Britta taps into her knowledge, network, and over 25 years of experience in the apparel industry to offer IFD as a supportive resource & community that unleashes the inner designer of its members. So consider IFD your industry resource hub- a bridge between fashion industry professionals and resources- built on reputation, experiences, and relationships, IFD can help fill in the gaps to achieve your goals, so your inner light shines.


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To be a superior media platform that provides education, inspiration, and community connections within the apparel industry in order to empower each other and generate a greater positive social impact.


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To provide best-in-class curated content, events, industry connections, and services so you can grow personally and professionally to level up your fashion industry career & make a more significant social impact

Who we help

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IDF’s purpose-driven content is tailored to fit the needs of aspiring and professional designers by offering educational topics, inspiration, and community to explore their profession and pursue their passions.

From webinars to networking opportunities and exclusive behind the scenes of featured brands, the platform provides for its readers a place to share, discover, and provides an elevated experience to upgrade their personal growth and advance in their career.

Let’s Work Together

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