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2. Key Pillar: IMPACT

Design Phase 2: Creative Direction; From Concept to Consumer

2.  Key Pillar:  IMPACT

IMPACT: Unfortunately, being blind to a product's total impact is quite common. Most companies have the mentality of "getting the product released as cheap as possible and as quickly as possible." Although you can't possibly know the full impact of your product before it is launched to the public, by observing/being conscious throughout the entire process, you can make a massive change in its impact on the world.

No matter what you create, it will have an impact. Most designers understand how their designs will impact their consumers because they design products to fit their target market; however, many do not think past that point. What about the impact of the materials and working conditions? How your design and product impact is up to you.

Design Phase 2: Creative Direction, From Concept to Consumer.
As we dive into the steps from Concept to Consumer, we will address the impact each decision will make and how we can consciously consider factors along the way.

What are the steps of setting a Creative Direction and starting the design process from concept to consumer?

Follow the link here to access the process checklist. (coming soon)

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