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From the heart, for the heart. Clothing with heart.

The Story:  

| Our Story |


Founded by a cardiologist, a mother, and a heart attack victim, Love Drools is a project from the heart. Love Drools creates ethical and sustainable fashion and lifestyle products that let customers share their love with every purchase they make. And as a partner of The American Heart Association, a portion of every Love Drools purchase goes toward helping to create longer, healthier lives. 


Why “Love Drools”?


Two of the Love Drools co-founders, a leading cardiologist and his spouse, were playing with their teething and drooling toddler, when mama playfully said, “I drooly love you!” After a chuckle, drooling became a shared family joke, with nicknames like Drooly Monster, Princess Drooly, and phrases like “All you do is eat, sleep, play and drool!” 

Connecting with their designer friend and heart attack survivor, they turned those funny phrases into slogans, and set out to create a brand centered around LOVE — not only in what the brand says, but in its fair and ethical production and its commitment to supporting heart health. 



| Our Mission |



Made with love to give love, Love Drools products for toddlers and adults inspire giggles and spread joy. Healthier lives start with our little ones, which is why we’re launching childrens apparel and home goods first, and why 3% of every Love Drools purchase is donated to the American Heart Association. 



| Key Values |


Love Drools believes love is an important part of every step of the process. Our brand focuses on ethical practices from the very start of a product’s life cycle, all throughout the production process, the supply chain, and on to end of life and disposal. We strive to work with partners that share the same values. We believe in:


  • Fair labor practices and wages

  • Sustainably sourced materials

  • Profit-sharing that gives back

  • Full transparency of our process




| Our Founders |


Our founders are friends and entrepreneurs. designer Britta Cabanos survived a SCAD heart attack (spontaneous coronary artery dissection) and is an advocate for heart health, especially in women. Her 25 years of experience working in the fashion industry opened her eyes to the waste, the working conditions of factories, pricing that pays workers only pennies, and the extensive environmental damage caused by production processes. Now she works to support, empower and build industry relationships that improve the lives of the people who make our apparel, creating opportunities to earn a fair living, support local families and economies, and bring to life products that are uplifting and joyful. Her goal is to make products that are better for people and the planet.  


A Top cardiologist and his wife, an experienced web designer, are passionate about raising awareness of SCAD and heart health overall. Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in women, which is why education and awareness will encourage us all to learn the signs and symptoms and know when to get help. Love Drools has partnered with The American Heart Association and donates 3% of every purchase to AHA.



| Our Partners |

The American Heart Association has been fighting heart disease and stroke and striving to save and improve lives for nearly 100 years. Their mission is to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer worldwide, and stroke ranks second globally. The American Heart Association wants to see a world free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.



Love Drools has partnered with Bebe Ravi, an organization that provides jobs and training within the apparel and home industries. Future products made by Bebe Ravi include hand knitted caps and blankets- stay tuned as we are in the development stage.  Currently, Bebe Ravi employs up to 100 women in Nakuru, Kenya — an area with unemployment rates as high as 40%.Many of the women have been widowed by the AIDS epidemic and are the sole source of income for their families. Bebe Ravi gives them access to revenue, pays above average wages, and provides them with free meals. By improving the lives of their children and families an entire community is propelled forward.  Bebe Ravi’s founder, Siamanda Emily Chege, lost her father to congestive heart failure while she was still in school, leaving her as the breadwinner for her family. Her personal experience brings her closer to our mission of having longer, healthier lives.


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