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Mastering Conscious Fashion Design: The Ultimate Conscious Design & Development Roadmap Masterclass to achieve work with purpose & positive change


Build conscious fashion design principles into your business and work that reflect your values and beliefs, gain a comprehensive design and development process, build in circularity, support ethical makers, and access sustainable resources to achieve success and cultivate a more significant impact. Are you a fashion designer or a business owner looking to incorporate conscious and sustainable design practices into your work? Do you want to reflect your values and beliefs through your designs and make a positive impact on the environment and society? If yes, then you've come to the right place. We will work through the following 10 phases of the design process: Step 1: Understanding the Fashion Industry and its Impact Step 2: Identifying Personal Values and Beliefs for Conscious Fashion Design Step 3: Setting up a Sustainable Fashion Business Step 4: Building a Circularity Model for Fashion Step 5: Establishing a Conscious Fashion Brand Identity Step 6: Implementing Conscious Design Principles in Fashion Step 7: Navigating the Fashion Design and Development Process From Concept to Consumer Step 8: Research and Incorporating Sustainable Materials and Processes Step 9: Sourcing for Production and Working with Ethical Manufacturers Step 10: Becoming Investor Ready for a Conscious Fashion Brand

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Conscious Fashion Design Masterclass Masterminds

Conscious Fashion Design Masterclass Masterminds

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