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How the Centuries-Old Tradition of Tablet Weaving Keeps Uzbekistan's Cultural Heritage Alive.

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

tablet woven sash on ikat skirt
Tablet Weavers of Uzbekistan

Hey there, fashion lovers! We're super excited to share a sneak peek into the centuries-old traditional card or tablet weaving techniques of Uzbekistan in our Meet The Makers series. So get ready to be impressed by the beauty and intricacy of card weaving or tablet weaving - an ancient practice used for centuries to create stunning designs on clothing, bags, and accessories.

Card Weaving Set up

So, how does card or tablet weaving work? Well, a set of cards is used to create sheds through which the weft is passed, and by turning the cards in different sequences, unique patterns, and designs are created. While the materials and tools needed for this technique are readily available and inexpensive, weaving these long strips can take a lot of time and skill. In Uzbekistan, this technique is still popular and is used to create beautiful traditional clothing and accessories.

What is a Shred in Weaving?

In this video, meet a skilled artisan in a remote village near Samarkand who weaves up to 20 meters daily to support her family. She learned the art of card or tablet weaving from her grandmother and has been using her skills to make a living ever since.

Bibi Hanum Shawl & Tunic

One brand that's working closely with these weavers is BiBi Hanum™. They use as hand-woven trims to embellish the edges of traditional ikat robes, caftans, handbags, and other accessories. They create unique and timeless pieces by blending these hand-woven pieces with BiBi Hanum™'s modern yet traditional-looking designs.

Bibi Hanum Dress, Sash & Handbag

Card weaving or tablet weaving is a highly valued skill in Uzbekistan, passed down through generations. It may be time-consuming, but the stunning beauty and intricate designs make it all worth it. BiBi Hanum's use of card weaving in their accessories is a perfect example of how traditional techniques can be incorporated into modern fashion with style and grace.

Hand bag with Card weaving trims

Using an ancient weaving technique in contemporary fashion is a true testament to the lasting appeal of traditional tablet weaving. The intricate designs and patterns inspire designers worldwide while keeping Uzbekistan's rich cultural heritage alive.

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Want to give it a try?

We recommend this book- A Step-by-Step Introduction to Tablet Weaving

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!!

We also found this great video showing in more detail how to set up and pass the cards back and forth to create the patterns- amazing patience to do this technique- so impressive!

Want to learn more? Check out Wikipedias History and the definition of Tablet Weaving info:

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