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Behind The Scenes at FashioNXT with Designer N'Kossi Open Mind Fashion Collection

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

N'Kossi Designs at FashioNXT 2022
N'Kossi Designs at FashioNXT 2022

Today we feature Portland-based designer Jean Pierre Nugloze as he showcased his N'Kossi Open Mind Collection during last fall's FashioNXT event.

The collection was an exciting mix of traditional yet modern West African fabrics to create The Open Mind Collection. The collection explores the intersection of masculine and feminine & Nugloze ingeniously designed a variety of outfits that seamlessly incorporate both aesthetics. The collection includes a style that features men's pants paired with a women's sleeve, effectively challenging traditional gender roles in fashion.

One of the most striking aspects of the collection is Nugloze's use of traditional West African fabrics. These vibrant fabrics, printed with bold colors and intricate patterns, add an undeniable touch of cultural flair to the designs. By incorporating these fabrics into the collection, Nugloze can celebrate his West African heritage and share it with the world.

N'Kossi Custom making a clients design
N'Kossi Custom made garment

Sustainability and ethical fashion are also at the forefront of N'Kossi's vision & this collection is no exception. The fabrics used in the Open Mind Collection are sourced from West Africa, which ensures the production process is fair and just and supports the maker's livelihood. Customers can choose from ready-made garments or get a custom-made garment at N'Kossi's Pioneer Place store, where you know can be assured that they're making a sustainable and ethically-conscious creation.

Jean Pierre putting final touches on an N'Kossi design
Jean Pierre putting final touches on an N'Kossi design

The Open Mind Collection celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability in fashion. Nugloze's ability to seamlessly mix masculine and feminine styles and incorporate traditional West African fabrics is a testament to his talent as a designer. Meet Jean Pierre and visit his shop where he can help you find a bold statement piece or get a custom-made garment.

Check out the N'Kossi collection both online or in person by visiting his shop at Pioneer Place Mall Suite 1180, 700 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97204

Jean Pierre Nugloze N'Kossi Design
Jean Pierre Nugloze N'Kossi Design

Are you interested in FashioNXT? Held annually in October, FashioNXT is a 4-day event, each night featuring a different theme. To learn more about attending or participating, visit here:

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