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Inside Fashion Design's 2023 Community Conversations Playlist!

Dive into the fashion scene with a rewind of 2023 through our "Community Conversations" video series. Featuring no-nonsense talks with fashion pros, these videos pack a punch of industry insights, trends, and practical advice. If you're serious about staying in the loop, these clips are your shortcut to the real deal. Take a peek at the best moments from 2023 chats, where fashion heavyweights spilled the beans on what's what. Ready to cut through the noise and get straight to the good stuff? Hit play and get schooled by the insiders in Community Conversations – your express ticket to the heart of the fashion biz. Check out some past Inside Fashion Designs Community Conversations with Fashion Industry Pros below!

Here is a list of some of our 2023 Conversations, but there is more! For the full list, visit IFD TV channel and Playlist "Community Conversations" here

Fashion Sales Expert Grace Kallish

Did you miss our Community Conversation with Grace Kallish?  Grace is an industry veteran and sales pro.  Learn how you can get into sales and techniques for sales success

Britteny Valesquez: Founder & Entrepreneur

ifd's Community Conversation with Brittany Velasquez: Founder/Designer/Entrepreneur of Nunuy. Learn how she built her brand after becoming a new mom while making ethically made apparel her priority.

Aparna Saxena; Ethical Brand & Supplier

Are you ready to embark on a sustainability journey that not only empowers women through fashion and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia? Look no further than TORAJAMELO, a vibrant and socially conscious brand revolutionizing how we perceive fashion and community development. With their high-quality, and functional products made from traditional hand-woven textiles, TORAJAMELO aims to break the cycle of poverty and violence experienced by indigenous women in Indonesia.

Catalyst 2030; Siamanda Chege: Founder and Advocate

In this episode we chat with Siamanda Chege, Founder of Bebe Ravi brand and a children's orphanage in Nairobi Kenya. Siamanda was a high fashion model in New York and turned her passion of helping others into a brand and now has 7 centers employing women who use their handicrafts and skills to support their children and community. Listen to her journey and learn how you can work with her talented artisans in Kenya

Lee Calderon: Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator

The extraordinary Lee Calderon, a Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator extraordinaire, shares his thoughts on design excellence. Lee's work is a captivating blend of vibrancy and energy that instantly uplifts the spirits. Just a glimpse through his website is enough to put anyone in a good mood! That's why I'm incredibly eager to delve into Lee's creative process, explore what inspires him, and gain insights into his unique perspective on design principles. Join me as we embark on a fascinating journey with Lee Calderon in discovering "The OTHER Design Principles." Welcome to the world of drama, layers, intent, vibe, and finding the "God" in your design!

Emma Bottomley Eloma

Emma is the Founder of Eloma, a holistic company, dedicated to co-creating with artisans & ethical partners with a particular focus on traditional textiles & crafts, advancing women; their rights & position in the world to create meaningful impact.  Emma lived for 14 years in South East Asia and her artisan and ethical partners are located in South East Asia, namely Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.   Within Eloma, Emma operates Eloma Consultancy; where she sources for fashion and homeware brands and connects them to artisans and ethical partners and also Eloma Design, Emma's own lifestyle brand launching in 2024.

TEF Braid Zero Waste Knitting

Today we chat and go behind the scenes with Brad and Terri Jamison from TEF Braiding Technology. This fascinating history and technique of braiding originated as a lace-making machine in the early 1900s. See how they have turned this technology from the past to modern-day braiding machines that make zero-waste bodywear, Home goods and have ambitions of creating more sustainable products beyond apparel. get a live view of the machines in work

Sloane White Fashion Activist, Artist, Model and Spokesperson

Learn about Fashion Activism, Upcycling, Repurposing, and creating Couture Dresses with scraps! Sloan designs one-of-a-kind creations and they are one-of-a-kind personality- Such a treat!

Daniela Caine: Entrepreneur, Design Director, Leadership Coach

There are four distinct life cycles of a garment: Textile Production Garment Manufacturing Customer care Landfill To grab the PDF Presentation of this workshop, visit: where you can access design tools, resources, and community connections for free. Find the PDF

"Bringing Consciousness into Fashion" here: https://insider.insidefashiondesign.c...

Daniela walks us through the lifecycles of a garment, and how to look at the big picture. This is essential to gain an understanding of the process and the effects it has on people and the planet. Looking at the lifecycle in its entirety, she will share practical ways to increase your ability to help steer the industry into more conscious patterns. Take-Aways: Understand the bigger picture based on current industry and consumption statistics. Learn to design with the end In mind Understand the impact of each garment life cycle Empower the ability to make wholistic design choices

Silvia Correia, Founder of Re.Store

So, what is®? It is a brand that prioritizes both people and the planet and is guided by the principles of the Circular Economy: RE.cycle, RE.use, and RE.duce, in addition to social responsibility. The brand has developed an eco-friendly and socially responsible solution that encourages valuing resources and people to raise collective awareness of the need to change habits through inclusion. Launched in April 2020,® upholds the pillars of the Circular Economy by reusing waste, leftovers, and textile samples to create functional products with a purpose. The brand aims to change many small worlds through this approach while reducing the textile's ecological footprint. We invite you to learn more about® and share your thoughts.

Julie Allen; Size Inclusion, Ethical Fashion, and the Influence of Diet Culture

Size Inclusion, Ethical Fashion, and the Influence of Diet Culture One of the main issues with the slow fashion movement is the lack of inclusive sizes available. The vast majority of sustainable clothing brands produce up to a size large. And 70% of people identifying as women in the US are size 14 or above. Join in to learn: Learn how diet culture is negatively impacting the slow fashion movement. Understand the relationship between fast fashion and diet culture. Find practical ways to advocate for inclusion in the slow fashion movement

Jennifer Phillips: President of the Association of Sewing Design Professionals

In this session, we chat with Jennifer Phillips, President of the Association of Sewing & Design Professionals. Learn about their mission, journey, business advice, and how you can use the resources of this community to empower your career as a designer and professional sewer

Genevieve Anderson; Founder WUNZ Apparel

Genevieve Anderson is a Rockefeller Media Artist Grant recipient and an Annenberg Fellow, and earned her MA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. She produced the work of video artist Bill Viola for 15 years incl. Biennale Venice, St. Paul Cathedral, London, The Deutsche Guggenheim, The Hamad International Airport, Qatar, among many others. Genevieve’s short films with puppets have had international exposure and success over the past 20 years, winning awards in Berlin, Seattle, Toronto, and distributed by ARTE and IFP. In 2017, AZ Public Media’s short doc on Genevieve’s work, Forming the Formless, was nominated for an Emmy. Her first live action feature, DUSTWUN, which she wrote and directed while living next to the US/Mexico border in So Arizona, has worldwide distribution with House of Film and can been viewed on Prime. She is the Founder of WUNZ, Apparel in Action, a social enterprise partnered with the Los Angeles Mission helping women coming through homelessness. WUNZ believes in the power of community and the power of business to make impactful change. We are on a mission to build a brand that supports and advances women who have been historically marginalized through our giveback and mentorship program with the Los Angeles Mission. The Supersuit, and our colorful logo, are tools to communicate that women are claiming their power and supporting other women to do the same. The Supersuit has empowered us to wear on the outside the power we feel and want to express on the inside - the power to make change. We hope it inspires you as well.

Miguel Huidor: Fashion Technology Consultant, Design Director, Advisor

In this Community Conversation: fashion technology consultant Miguel Huidor will present the new Digital E2E business model as a solution for driving sustainability goals and increasing profitability for apparel brands. The traditional production model for fashion is slow, wasteful, uncertain, and non-agile. Over the last several years, digital product creation (DPC) and accompanying technologies have changed how fashion brands produce products and conduct business. DPC offers opportunities to confidently make decisions while reducing costs and waste associated with developing an apparel line. This reduction of development waste has an immediate environmental impact. The Digital E2E business model is great for small apparel brands to adopt and offers lean scalability for profitable growth. Join us for this informative webinar and learn how you can update your business model to succeed in the digital age while positively impacting your sustainability goals.

3D Catalyst for Design webinar: Anthony Murray & Christie L. Lau

Join me as I moderate for AN event by World Collective; "3D Design as Creative Catalyst" on Gain insights and learn more about the future of the industry as digital transformation takes center stage. We are thrilled to feature two amazing designers who are leading the way in the creation process. Anthony Murray a new media artist and educator from San Francisco, California, will be sharing his expertise. Tony's art and design practice, explores the intersection of fashion and technology, examining identity and humanity in the digital age. His work has been exhibited at prestigious venues such as the Vancouver Art Gallery and Design Museum Den Bosch. Joining Tony is Christie L. Lau an XR artist renowned for their work with digital fashion, A.I., and augmented and virtual realities. Christie's innovative approach to reimagining recognizable motifs and environments in AR and VR has garnered widespread attention, including features in i-D, Dazed, and the Evening Standard. Their collaboration with Meta on the Queens of the Metaverse campaign, designing mixed reality outfits for drag king Adam All, showcases their unique talent and creativity. During the event, Tony and Christie shared their new processes and insights, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration to the world collective community. Be prepared to dive deep into the fascinating world of 3D design and discover how it can act as a catalyst for creativity.

It's been so much fun to chat with industry guests! I love hearing the of their journeys, their work and what is most important to them currently within the fashion space.

We welcome inquiries about future conversations- interested in sharing your work? Send us a note as we love to connect with people in the industry and providing a space to share your voice!

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