Its Spring! Time to Reflect and Refresh!

Spring clean. Declutter. Purge. Refresh. We hear these words often around this time of year with the arrival of warmer weather and the first quarter of the year under our belts. Articles and newsletters are flooding our inboxes with spring cleaning lists and how-to’s on all things spring, but what we do not see or hear is conversations about reflecting.

Before you declutter or purge or refresh, do you think about why this item or time came into your life? The good it brought you? The memories? As Marie Kondo suggests, reflect and express gratitude for the things(s) you let go. This is also true for the time that has passed. Reflecting gives you a moment to pause, sort through your experiences, and create meaning. These meanings become learning, which can inform future mindsets and actions.

So you may be asking yourself, besides spring cleaning, where else in life is a refresh beneficial?

Your Wardrobe

With the change in weather comes a change in our closet. The puffer coat you wore all winter long and the boots with salt stains can be cleaned off, stored away, or donated if you’re ready to part ways. Don’t forget to reflect on the good times you had together. A very important step.

Are you looking to find new ways to wear some of your staple pieces? A spring closet overhaul doesn’t necessarily mean buying a new wardrobe but allows you to reinvent the clothes you already have. A wardrobe refresh such as this is accessible and sustainable (which we love).

Your Space

The space you live in and spend most of your time in is a reflection of who you are. It affects your mood, too. This is not about cleaning or purging; it’s about looking at your surroundings and reflecting on what’s working and what’s not. Simply putting files in a cabinet versus on your desk, adding a plant in the corner of the room, or lighting a candle first thing in the morning can change the energy of your space and give you the refresh you’re looking for.

Your Mind

Even before the pandemic, many adults in the U.S. reported sometimes feeling too busy to enjoy life. It’s easy to get caught up with everyday tasks and responsibilities, which sometimes cram our brains with information and no room just to be. The antidote to a free mind is setting aside time to let your mind wander.

Mind-wandering lets thoughts pop up spontaneously that aren’t connected to the task at hand or your surroundings but driven by the head space that you’re in. This simple (yet effective) low-key method is a way to refresh the “toolbox” you call your brain.

To refresh means to give new strength or energy to something, to reinvigorate it. Imagine that feeling spread throughout all areas of your life. Take the time this Spring season (and any other time you feel called to) to reflect on the past, your present, and where you can do a little refreshing for your future.

Happy Spring!