Love leather but want to be sustainable? Here’s how!

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Fall is upon us which means that pumpkin spice lattes, bulky sweaters, and changing leaves are fast approaching. Fall also brings out the infamous leather jacket. Leather was first used in prehistoric times to cloth and shelter small communities against harsh weather. Later, it was brought into our modern-day fashion scene and everyday society through biker culture. Bikers used leather chaps to protect their legs from pipe burns and jackets to protect themselves against harsh weather and any debris from another vehicle. Genuine leather statement pieces will always be a staple within our fall closets but now we are seeing a new innovative cruelty-free leather movement taking designers by surprise!

Here are four ways leather fabrics are evolving:

Vegan Leather is the largest growing market for sustainable leather. Vegan Leather is created using recycled materials like plastic or cork and can even be made with leaves and plants. This leather is used to create jackets, wallets, purses, belts, pants, and so much more!

Collagen Leather first came on the scene in 2017 when the company Modern Meadow used the process of yeast fermentation to create collagen. Collagen gives the fabric the strength and texture of leather without any animals being hurt in the process.

Mycelium Leather is the latest leather phenomenon. This leather is created using mushrooms which then can be shaped into anything the designer desires. This year, Stella McCartney and Hermes have both created lines made with this fabric proving mushrooms are the bright future of leathers.

D.I.Y Leather is for the true sustainable leather connoisseurs. You CAN try it yourself like a cool school

science experiment but even more fun!  

Here is a step-by-step how to

Also Check out this video:

Intersted in taking a class?  Check out Portland Fashion Institutes hands on textile class led by Tris Langman.  There is still time to sign up. 

Check it out here

If you are wanting to learn more about cruelty-free leathers and feel the pull to help the research continue, the Sustainable Leather Foundation gives all the insight and updates about cruelty-free leather. Now, go out with your incredible leather staple pieces and enjoy the coming fall season!

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