Resources for Fresh Graduates in the Fashion Industry

A listing of helpful resources, including favorite Instagramers, Linkedin articles, interview tips and online learning options. By IFD Intern Gabrielle Soberg

Instagram pages:


Tips and tricks to achieving a career in the fashion industry. Networking tips, confidence tips, tips for someone without a fashion degree, interview tips


Focused on fashion designer career tips. Includes podcasts and videos of her specific advice and experience. Images of the process behind creating flats and their finished product.


Fashion stylist focused.  Offers online fashion stylist course/. Inspiration and confidence quotes towards fashion career. Styling beyond apparel – includes makeup, hair, photography, etc.


Online one-on-one options to get personalized CV tips for fashion careers. Monthly affirmations and confidence quotes. Has an interactive Q & A highlight to ask questions. 

LinkedIn Articles and Posts:

Marketing Yourself on Linkedin

How to create a LinkedIn profile that stands out?

How to create an effective Linkedin profile for Fashion

LinkedIn Tips & Tricks in the Fashion Industry (includes examples)

Interview tips:

University Interview tips for a fashion design degree

How to appear confident during an interview

21 Job Interview Tips: How To Make a Great Impression

Online Educational Courses:

Learn How To Get Into The Fashion Industry With 2022‘s Top 11+ Best Online Fashion Design Courses

Linkedin learning; Design Courses

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