Looking for a Reboot? Check out our Self-care ideas, Online Learning, and Job Hunting Resources.

Updated: Apr 24

Key take-aways: Ideas for self-care On-line learning recommendations Companies Hiring Printables - write it out!

Greetings Dear Friends,

 For all of us, Covid lasted longer than I think any of us expected. Back when my kids school announced they wouldn’t be going back for the remainder of the school year, I thought it would be an extra long summer and by fall things would be normal…..obviously not!  Here we are, 2 years later, still dealing with the many changes in lifestyle it has created- many of us juggling online schooling, childcare and work.  This has created many challenges, mentally, physically, emotionally- It is so important now to make sure we are being patient with ourselves and those around us and allowing ourselves time for “self-care”.  

So why not take advantage of this new "normal"?  If you havent yet, maybe now is the time to treat yourself a REBOOT! A REFRESH! Whether you need it due to Covid or just reevaluating your priorities and dreams, anytime is a great time to allow yourself some personal exploration to see where you want to go next.

 Are you job hunting?  Take this time to hone in some skills and fine tune your resume.  Looking to network and grow your community?  Now is a great time to dig into online research and find a new community that will expand your reach. IFD Connect is our own fashion community. Join us to connect and meet up with like-minded people who you can build relationships with, while learning something new.

Below we offer up with some ideas to

help you navigate through this journey.

First:  Make sure to take care of yourself!  Here are 10 self care ideas:

Looking to learn a skill or increase your knowledge?  Check out our list below of online resources:

Online Education ideas:







Job hunting?  Check out this list of companies hiring during Covid:

Some Printables to help you along the way!

Are you interested in sharing your story?  Send us a note as we would love to get to know you and share your story with others- it is a great way to share your challenges, successes, your skill set and let others now about who you are. If you are job hunting, or looking to connect with like minded creatives, this offers a safe space to do just that!  We are here to support and provide a platform for building connections and community.  We are stronger together! 

Be well, stay safe, reach out to friends and family or to us anytime!  Lets embrace this time as best we can and use it to our advantage!