The Art and Craft of Ethical Fashion Brand Zazi Vintage

Updated: Apr 14

Sometimes, the most beautiful partnerships start with the smallest of efforts- 7 dresses, no industry context, no connections… but a community of women with a love for artisanal craft.

One of the more stunning metaphors Zazi Vintage uses to describe their mission is “weaving stories of women together through cloth.” They take this concept seriously, only making moves in their company when it’s coming directly from the mouths of those in need across the global community they serve.

Focusing on the magic of fashion, Zazi Vintage creates designs collaboratively with partners from across the world- independent female-led social enterprises around the world. From India and Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and beyond.

"...traditionally every mother teaches her daughter how to embroider suzanis. I learned it from my mother, and she learned it from her grandmother. Sometimes you even pass down the same suzani cloth from generation to generation. Each mother embroiders new wishes onto the empty spaces and it becomes dense with all the wishes of your ancestors." - by Tahmina from Ozara

These collaborations start with creating a connection and listening- then they move, together into a process of design, sourcing, dyeing, weaving and tailoring. All of this puts Zazi in a place where they can truly understand what these communities need- and therefore, how to better be a partner in sustainability alongside them.

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