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Top Gift Ideas for the Small Business Owner

Updated: Jan 26

Do you know someone dreaming of staring their own business? Or perhaps has started and is working from home or a small shared office space? Maybe even yourself?

Whether you’re looking for a holiday gift, or an anytime gift for that small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, here are our favorite tools and items to add convenience, comfort & productivity. Many of these items are small investments, don’t take up a lot of space and are simple things to help that special someone (or yourself) in your entrepreneurial journey. Sticking with fewer, better items is the goal so consider what would benefit the most!

The Startup Playbook by Rajat Bhargava and Will Herman Guidance when starting a new company is of utmost importance and The Startup Playbook is here to help. This 2nd Edition guidebook talks about the lessons, advice, experiences, and knowledge that Rajat Bhargava and Will Herman have received while starting over a dozen high-tech software companies. The lessons they share provide guidance for business owners within the first crucial months of starting their business.

Business Planner Focusing on business plans and staying organized by writing things down is a great practice. This Smart planner 90-day plannerincludes monthly/weekly/daily sections, ink proof, 40 extra pages for business notes, and can be used as either a calendar, project planner, or appointment book.

Moleskine Notebook If your like us, we are constantly taking notes, jotting down quick Ideas and whipping up quick concepts sketches for a new design. We love this climate pledge friendly Moleskine Notebook, and take them with us wherever we go. This classic notebook has deluxe pages, durable covers, and the perfect notebook to capture all your ideas and notes

Large Whiteboard Conducting a meeting or brainstorming session is made easy when adding a large whiteboard to the front of the room. We love mind-mapping and “white-boarding” when working through new projects and plans. Being able to visualize ideas and list out plans keeps us on task and aware of the direction we are going. This whiteboardcomes in nine different sizes, easy mounting installation, durable writing surface, and an aluminum frame.

Essential Oil Diffuser We can all use a little more “zen” moments these days and adding this small simple tool helps us feel at peace within any space. We like Pure Daily Care’s Aromatherapy Diffuser for its look and quality. This diffuser includes a 400ml capacity, 14 different light combinations, 4 timer settings, and their top ten essential plant oil’s crafted from local farms.

Coffee! Whether commuting to your home office or running out the door, a quick and convenient coffee is the way to go. Keep your energy up with Betterbrew! This travel French press coffee maker is perfect for the WFH, hectic on-the-go person or just an all around coffee lover. This coffee maker is easy-to-use, has duel-layer to keep coffee warm, and two elegant designs to choose from. We love saving money too- who needs Starbucks when you can make this quick coffee yourself?

Bluetooth Speaker Everyone could use some good music to help set the “vibe” in the office or a shop. Cambridge Soundworks Store has a compact Bluetooth speaker easy to hide within their space and create their perfect sound scape. This speaker includes Bluetooth compatibility, nine different color options, clear audio, and 14 hour battery life. As easy way to set the mood, for working, jamming or relaxing.

Picture Frames Picture frames are a great gift that can change the decor and feel of an entire space. Business owners can hang custom art, photos, and collages that exemplify the brand or home office. The Americanflat Store has a 10-piece deal for beautiful wall frames that come in nine different colors, have durable glass, and easy to swap out pictures.

Instapot For individuals on the go and little time to cook, an Instapot is the perfect gift. Quick dishes can be made for themselves or their family while having enough time to finish their workday. This stainless steel Instapothas seven different functions including a yogurt maker and is easy to clean, perfect for family functions, and safe to use….and so many recipes to try!

Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth headphones make a great gift for that someone who’s working long hours- for when they’re sitting in the office or relieving stress through exercise or a mindfulness app. These wireless headphones have a 10 hour playtime, touch control censors, wireless charging, secure ear hooks, hi-Fi stereo quality, and are water resistant.

Airpods A little splurge, the new Apple Airpods Pro make a special gift for the music-loving entrepreneur. These Airpods have active noise cancellation, a transparency mode, adaptive EQ, sweat and water resistant, and more than 24 hours of total listening time. Even though these are an investment, they make a special gift for small business owners who are on the go and thrive on their playlists.

A Happy Light A “Happy Light” helps improve sleep, mood, focus and energy. During the long winter months, light therapy can keep a person feeling productive & revitalized. Collapsable & packable, this can be used in the home office, an office, or while traveling to keep that special someone always feel their best.

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook A business owner, entrepreneur or aspiring designer, should always have a good notebook on hand. A nice alternative to disposable notebooks, is this reusable Rocketbook. It the perfect environmentally friendly gift. This notebook connects with an app on your Smartphone, scans the pages you have written storing them within the app and then you can erase and reuse the notebook over and over again. This notebook comes in eleven fun colors, connects with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, and has upgraded artificial intelligence technology.

Kindle Unlimited Membership To help support an ongoing state of learning and expanding knowledge, gifting a Kindle Unlimited subscription allows them access to books, current magazines, and audiobooks from any device. This is an affordable monthly subscription that can be cancelled anytime but is an impactful gift for someone trying to learn all they can about cultivating their small business.

Ring Light Creating content for social media and websites can be intimidating. A Ring Light is the perfect solution for small business owner’s content creation. These Ring Lights can set the ideal mood for any media and improve the aesthetic for your brand.

Dream Journal A Dream journal is a great gift for any creative thinker and entrepreneur. This handcrafted, Italian dream journal includes ivory pages, seven different hardcover designs, and a lifetime warranty so you can write our your fears, hopes, dreams, achievements, or any thoughts to help clear your mind before conquering the day.

This 8″ Amazon Echo has a touch screen, stereo speakers, it allows video calls with a 13 MP camera that uses auto-framing to keep you centered. Use it for calls music, calendars, reminders, timers, update to-do lists and checking in with your co-workers or loved ones.

Faux Succulents Faux Succulents are a great way to add extra color and vibrancy within a space without having to worry about plant upkeep. MyGift Store offers a set of four potted mini succulents for less than $20. These life-like plants will help cultivate the aesthetics and “vibes” when you walk into the room.

Does your small business owner have a retail space or need hanging space for garments? UDEAR has a rack with a double hanger design and a bottom shelf to hold extra shoes and storage. Reasonably priced, this is a great option to help keep things organized.

One more option to create an aesthetically pleasing and nicely displayed space is Tribesigns free-standing organizer . With shelving and hanging compartments, this is perfect for a rustic boutique, showroom or office space.

This wall mounted jewelry holder makes for pretty and easy organization. The holder comes in four different colors and includes an earring holder, two necklace hangers, bracelet display, and a top shelf. An easy-to-install display is perfect for any jewelry designer or small boutique.

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our suggestions for the fashion conscious and book lover and DIY crafters. Treat that someone to a gift they will really benefit from and enjoy!


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