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Want the Opportunity to Learn from a Global Fashion Design Specialist?

Updated: Jan 26

Today we are featuring Global Design Specialist Joanne Swift. Why the title of "Global Design Specialist"? Read on to learn about her amazing background and expertise...and why we are so excited!!


Joanne has joined Inside Fashion Design Connect as a workshop leader to share her knowledge and provide insights into the design process for our community- Join us to meet her and learn from her wealth of knowledge!

Joanne is highly educated and experienced. With a BA & MA in Fine Arts and Textiles Design & over 20 years of experience in the Fashion industry in Europe, Asia, and the US markets. Her work experience includes DKNY, Lee Jeans VF, Seven for Mankind, Bongo, as well as many others. AND she teaches Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing & Merchanding at different schools throughout Asia and Europe.

If that isn't enough, Joanne also runs her own Design Agency, Cicero Design, with offices in both Shanghai and LA. Joanne speaks 4 languages including Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Italian & English! WHEW!!! How does she do it all??

So what specific industry skills qualify her as a Design Specialist?

  • Executive Leadership skills & time management coordination

  • A Cross-Functional collaborator, team ordinated mindset, creative thinker

  • Extensive experience with third-party manufacturers and suppliers

  • Finds solutions to keep within the client's budget without compromising quality

  • Develops and creates trend concepts, creative ideas, textile art, branding materials, logos, labeling, packaging, and arranging photo shoots

  • Building and organizing creative departments, establishing Design teams, R&D units, and Product management groups

  • Creates and delivers sales presentations to buying offices in Asia US and Europe

  • Guest speaker for international trade shows/ Fashion Institutions, and brands

  • Experienced in CLO 3D, Ai, PS, ID, Microsoft word/excel/Teams/Google G-suits

  • Works in the product categories of Denim /Athleisure/Sports/Swim Wear/Casual wear/ Soft Goods/Accessories both Men’s and Women’s/kids/Unisex

Check out some of Joanne's work:

What will Joanne be sharing with us??

The 360-Degree Design Process: A 4-Part Workshop Series

In this series, attendees will get an overview of the environment in the fashion industry from a social and sustainable point of view, gaining an understanding of the intrinsic and extrinsic values of the product process, from a full 360-point process. Take a look at how each process has an impact on the other from creation/fiber creation/production placing/pricing negotiations/ QC to delivery

Workshop Topics:

  • Fashion Production & Product Creation: Overview of the production team's journey from design to production.

  • Fabrics Fibres, Yarns, and Textiles: Gain insight into the origin & properties of fibers characteristics of manmade and natural fibers brief transition from fibers to yarns.

  • Product Development, Planning, and Marketing: Gain an understanding of various stages of the product lifecycle

  • Manufacturing Processes: Artisanal vs Industrial/ Global vs Local. Consider collection plans and technical files; pattern making; spec sheet + prototypes + samples + final collection production pack

  • Achieving Sustainable quality: – Productions Standards, pertinent importance of quality, and commercial balance procedures

  • Supply Base and Supply Chain Management what is a supply chain what does supply chain management entail challenges to be tackled, and what strategies for understanding various distribution networks

What are the Key Takeaways you will gain from this series?

  • Adopt the correct mindset for effective leadership.

  • Demonstrate an awareness of connections between social theories in the new market context and the opportunities of sustainable fashion in future brand development;

  • Understand the basic elements of textiles and materials necessary to craft a fashion product and analyze production processes;

  • Analyze marketing communication strategies applied within the fashion business context

  • Understand the role of the buyers and their importance within the fashion industry

  • Adopt key business principles and understand the development of business strategies

"I have spent more than half my life studying and working in Asia as an Innovative, creative, and accomplished entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in the full design and production process. I am highly knowledgeable in the design requirements for various markets, having acquired extensive experience in fabrication, design conception, and full design process, working for both the brands and the manufacturing side. I have excellent communication and organizational skills, and the ability to evaluate customers' needs and provide total individualized service. Experienced and capable of handling the complete product creation process, technical specs, patterns,

sampling, and price negations to production, and logistics. Working closely with OEM and ODM suppliers and factories in China and Southeast Asia. Now residing in Los Angeles full time to further learn and develop within the creative community". Joanne Swift

To reach Joanne directly for inquiries, reach out to her at:

Britta Cabanos seated in gold outfit.jpg


Hey there, lovely fashion friends! My name is Britta Cabanos, and I'm thrilled to have you here! 


I'm a 25+ year fashion industry design professional, and I'm passionate about supporting conscious designers, ethical makers, and sustainability. I believe that fashion can be a powerful force for good, and I'm committed to helping aspiring fashion industry pros make their mark in this exciting and ever-changing field. 


If you share my passion for conscious fashion and sustainability,  then you're in the right place. I offer industry insights, mentorship, connections, and resources to help you achieve your goals and make a positive impact in the world. Let's connect and explore the possibilities together - are you ready to join me on this exciting journey?

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Thanks for joining us!

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