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What Are Our Top 10 Favorite American Made Fashion Brands?

Article provided by Ayla David, L.I.M. student & IFD Intern

Happy Independence Day!

This year seems to be speeding by because we’ve crashed into the July Fourth weekend already. Next to the fireworks, cook outs, and red, white and blue snow cones there is nothing more relaxing than shopping holiday  sales from your favorite stores. What better way to celebrate this special holiday than shopping brands made in the beloved United States of America? Throughout hundreds and thousands of online boutiques, shops, and specialty stores, there are hidden American–made gems waiting for their next line of new customers. Below is a list of our top 10 American made fashion brands to shop for your summer wardrobe this July! 

Adeirlina is a newer brand based in Boston that launched April 2020. They create modern trendy clothing for all women to feel confident and free in their unique pieces They specialize in cottage core dresses with floral patterns, comfortable fabrics, and beautiful detailing

Giant Hoodies launched their first line of one size giant hoodies in March 2020 from a college town in California. Their website exploded and is even featured in Oprah’s favorite things of 2020. These hoodies are meant for comfortable loungewear and a staple for everyone’s closet. They have now added Giant T-shirts, Giant Sweatshirts, and joggers, and they drop new designs every month. 

This California made swimwear brand was created b

female athletes for women of all shapes and sizes

to feel confident and secure. The brand started by

creating flattering, unique suits for female water polo players and competitive swimmers. They have no

w created a wholesale ordering process where teams can create custom logos and swimsuits for their upcoming season. By using a sustainable fabric called Foreverever Fabric Technology they have created bikinis and one-piece suits that will last the active woman many years of fun. 

Richer Poorer is a San Marcos, California based brand who pride themselves on bringing

their customers high-quality basics essential for all closets. They aim to create sustainable, long-lasting pieces the customer can keep for many years. To do this, they have found sustainable fabric and methods of manufacturing for their products. This includes recycled fleece, pima cotton, and biodegradable tags/packaging as well as California manufacturing and production for all lines.  

Loup was created and manufactured out of New York City in 2009. This size-inclusive brand creates Parisian-inspired clothing for the modern woman. Their staple piece is curve-friendly pants making every woman feel confident, sexy, and stylish by using the best fabrics and waistbands.  The brand hopes to bring the best quality clothing to their customers for a good price and incredible fit. 

Best known for their Jackie O dress, Black Halo was started in Los Angeles California in 2002 by a husband and wife, Sean Pattison and Laurel Berman. The brand uses fabrics from the surrounding area to create their products, making sure they are of utmost quality. The brand includes casual dresses, jumpsuits, two-piece sets, and more. You can even see celebrities wearing their pieces, such as Meghan Markle, Angela Bassett, Kelsea Ballerini, and Yael Grobglas. 

This sustainable sock brand launched in 2009 by Gina Locklear in Fort Payne, Alabama. They use organic grown cotton dyed in Texas and North Carolina to create unique and comfortable socks for any outfit. Gina is passionate about supporting all-USA manufacturing and using organic, sustainable production instead of environmentally harmful methods.   

KN was founded in 2019 in Orlando, Florida where they design and ship all of their products. They became increasingly popular when their co-founder Natalie Rodgers made Tik Toks and Instagram posts about their new bramis. These are camisoles, tank tops, tube tops, and bodysuits made with a built-in padding to take the place of bras. They are size inclusive,

Avocado is a fashion-forward brand creating sus

tainable activewear in Los Angeles. By ensuring all products are manufactured and produced in Los Angeles, they cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and the manufacturing workers are in a healthy work environment. Their products are designed using Sensil Nylon giving odor control, breathability, and sweat-wicking properties to every piece of activewear.  

This online boutique was launched in 2012 to offer staple pieces for any woman’s closet. Owner Ashley Milliren lives in Fayetteville Arkansas and creates products that will make any woman feel comfortable, sexy, beautiful, and unique. The products include basics, tops/bottoms, swimwear, sets, dresses, athleisure, and all the accessories to create a one of a kind outfit for your closet. 

Thanks for reading today!  Support your favorite American Made Brand today!

Love, Peace & Blessings,






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