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  • From Canvas to Couture; A Self-Taught Artist & Designer Success Story

    Greetings! I am excited to introduce multi-media artist Chance Watt. From Canvas to Couture; A Self-Taught Artist and designer, Chance will be showing his latest collection "X" at Fashion in Flight in Tacoma, Washington this coming weekend. Inside Fashion Design will be there to talk with the designers, and to get some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. To learn more and for tickets, visit Stay tuned for more coverage after the show! "Chance is not your typical fashion designer- he is a self-taught artist who took from painting on canvas to painting on apparel. Chance, who is from Tri-Cities, Washington, made his talent as a painter known at 19. His bold range of realism and abstraction blends perfectly with his use of gradients between color and the heavy-bodied look, giving an exhilarating feel. To the viewer, Chance is an artist's workhorse, and there are no signs of slowing down. He is constantly pushing the limits to satisfy his artistic appetite. The chosen medium is acrylic, silver leaf, and 24K gold leaf on canvas, leather, suede, and silk. His style is very fresh and original, which makes it unique, contemporary, and modern. Additionally, Chance is in high demand for commissions on personal portrait work and is now creating works for galleries. Mitchell Contemporary is fortunate to exhibit his work and is currently accepting commissions for portraits." From As a multimedia artist, Chance produces work that is alive with energy. His paintings are refreshing to the senses and unite abstraction with realism. His skill set combines highly detailed rendering techniques with vibrant explosions of color. The brightness of his work is so refreshing and uplifting- enhancing your mood just by looking at his creations and I love that you can wear a painting! Each of his paintings is unique, yet they evoke similar feelings for the viewer. His works have a subtle, palpable sensuality balanced by a fiery sense of possibility, passion, and drive. He visualizes these feelings into pieces that satiate both the eye and mind. Showing at Fashion in Flight, Collect X Chance Watt's most recent collection, "x," explores every inch of the color spectrum using an evocative and expressive style. Painterly brushstrokes and intense hues saturate each canvas in the series. Watt's signature style marries graphic realism with total spontaneity and abstraction. Model: Haley Slate Chance delicately and purposefully illustrates the same model against a backdrop of colorful chaos across the series. Brushstrokes writhe across the works, taking the viewer on a journey through the canvas as we take it all in. His "wearable" designs are painted on leather, suede & silk fabrics. Each one is 100% made in-house, from the beginning creation process to hand-sketched concept, to mock-ups and then patterns. After which each is hand-sewn and finished by being hand-painted. Chance is able to draw the viewer in with this energetic composition, inviting us into his world of playful abstraction. Simultaneously, we are tempted to step back from these larger-than-life pieces, endeavoring to digest the scenes. For Chance, there's no slowing down anytime soon. Between his skillfully bold contemplative rendering of abstraction and realism, his paintings are visceral yet sensual. Each concept is a treat. Your mind skips between pops of color and moody sophistication. Chance creates energy with hints of density, giving the eye a slight sculptural feel to play with. His subjects are elevated to a new age and vibe that will constantly stimulate your mind with ever-changing narratives. To view more and connect with Chance, visit his IG @chance.watt To attend Fashion in Flight, visit here. To learn more about showing your collection, reach out through this website. Have you joined our community yet? It's a great place to network, reach out to industry professionals, and learn something new. Join IFD Connect here! We love hearing from our readers; Have a feature you would like to recommend? RECOMMEND A FEATURE STORY Want to be a featured maker or brand? SEND AN INQUIRY Curious about advertising with us SUBMIT AN INQUIRY HERE Thank you for reading today! Did you enjoy this article? Please share! Follow us at: Instagram Pinterest Linkedin

  • Creating Romance, Elegance & Sustainable Couture by Designer Maria Venturini

    Creating Sustainable Couture; "Maria Venturini is a Latin American designer who embarked on a fashion career and developed a line called Venturini Couture showing her latest collections during fashion weeks around the world. The romantic style of her design has become a signature inspired by high-end ateliers in Paris and Milan. Her soft sensual styles, fascinating details, and exceptional tailoring are what make Venturini Couture the go-to destination for high-end gowns and evening wear." From Fashion In Flight Originally from Peru and now Living in Walla Walla, Washington, designer Maria Venturini grew up watching her mother and grandmother sew most of her clothing, often using fashionable patterns from Burda magazine. Her mother was naturally stylish and resourceful; Maria grew up watching her mother rounding up clothes from other kids who had outgrowed to create new things from those fabrics. When her mom passed away, she inherited all her mother’s sewing notions, sewing machines, buttons, zippers, and other sewing materials. Maria decided to start sewing but could not understand the patterns. Though Venturini already had three degrees in computer programming, information management, and international Business, she discovered new affinities for design. Then Maria decided to make a career change using her mother’s sewing notions. Her youngest daughter encouraged her to attend fashion school, earning her fourth degree in Fashion Design with honors and the Designer of the Year Award in June 2017. After graduating from The Art Institute of Seattle, Venturini received many invitations to participate in many Fashion Shows, Nationally and internationally, as well as being featured in more than 100 magazines in the US and worldwide. What inspired you to create your collection? I have loved fashion since I was little! Therefore, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my two grandmothers and my mother, being resourceful and adding a little help to the environment. Fashion is one of the most contributing to pollution after car emissions worldwide. I love to buy fabrics in thrift stores, yard sales, and community sales to reuse them, creating something new and unique. How long have you been in business? In June 2017, I embarked on creating a sustainable design label, “VENTURINI COUTURE’ which is a symbol of “Timeless, Elegance, and Unique” because I can only create one look with the recycled materials I have, making my clients feel very special because no one will have the same design. My first Runway show was in September 2017 at the “Bellevue Collection,” granting me The Most Popular Designer by the audience. I have been in Business for the past 6 years, and I wish to continue with my brand and mission, “the commitment to the promotion of sustainable design using the fashion platform as our voice and vision.” What is the story behind your brand? The story behind my brand is sustainability and eco-fashion design using recycled and high-end fabrics for each unique design, making each creation tell us a story. Romance has become a signature of Venturini Couture house inspired by high-end ateliers in Paris and Milan. The minimal yet romantic silhouette and sophisticated lines illustrate women’s strange confidence and sensuality. When I create a new design, rather than sketching, I get the design in my mind by touching the fabric, draping, and continuing to change until the design is done, and then I draw it. My market niche is any woman who wants to feel "Special, Timeless, Unique, and Elegant". I will say, professional women and upper-class clients. Tell us more about your sustainable goals in creating your designs; My designs are 90% to 100% recycled from fabrics and sewing materials bought in a thrift store, yard sales, Goodwill, Saint Vincent of Paul, Salvation Army, community sales, etc. I get fabric, yarns, buttons, zippers, thread, and all sources of sewing materials. I like to create timeless and elegant designs so you can use your garment for a long time, which will always be in fashion. What is this specific collection being shown at Fashion in Flight about? What can the audience expect? Venturini’s collection “Winter Dreams” AW 2023/2024 is dedicated to the upcoming holidays and special occasion moments in any woman’s life. I always look into nature to get inspired by my color palettes: natural fabrics, textures, and earth tones. I love the comfortable look mixed with elegance. My designs are all high fashion. I love to use 3D in all my design mixes, with feathers, sequins, and rhinestones done by hand. I expect the audience in Fashion in Flight to see how elegant and unique you can look for that special occasion or party with just a simple design yet timeless and sustainable. Fashion in Flight, produced by Fashion District NW at The Museum of Flight We are putting fashion into flight on the runway on Saturday, September 30th. Showcasing designers from around the northwest. Learn more here Where can our audience find you? In addition to my social media & website, I do make-to-order for each customer. People can make an appointment so I can take measurements, or they can send me their sizes, and I can make a garment for them. I work via mail for some of my clients, and it works perfectly, maybe one fitting or two. Website: Facebook: @venturinicoutureWA Instagram: @venturini_couture

  • Looking to get Known as a Fashion Creative? 4 Steps that will get you there!

    Adapted September 18th, 2023 Written by Contributing Author Sharon Redd Hello there! Is everyone ready for fall? I love the fall; the crisp air leaves changing colors and pulling out my sweaters. Fall also brings the season of going back to school. Growing up with a father who was a college professor, we were surrounded by college life, and every fall there was a buzz of energy as students came back to campus. With back to school in mind, what better way to spend the fall and upcoming winter than to learn something new, brush up on some dusty skills, or just explore something you're curious about? IFD Connect has an exciting lineup of online classes, led by industry experts starting this fall. Explore our workshops and treat yourself to learning something new! Enjoy our article below, written by Contributing Author Sharon Redd- Thank you Sharon for the tips! If you are just starting in the creative field, then you will probably know how difficult it is to build a solid reputation for yourself, especially if what you do is for a very niche market as is. Nonetheless, there are ways and means to make your presence known to get known as a fashion creative & here at Inside Fashion Design we share how. 1. Don't be shy about branching out If you want to get known as a Fashion Creative you mustn't be too shy to branch out and try different avenues you might not have considered before. For example, if you haven't discovered the benefits of creating your own YouTube channel, then this may very well be your pathway to success as YouTube is one of the reigning platforms currently for marketing unique content online. As for social media, online banners can work exceptionally well at grabbing your audience's attention. Moreover, when setting up a social media profile, most platforms allow for a banner to be inserted under your profile to represent who you are and what you do. Furthermore, choosing to leave one out can actually be discrediting to your brand. Therefore, it is better to use this marketing tool to ensure that whoever lands on your page stays on it to find out more about you. With a banner template, you can choose from ready-made templates online and then add the relevant text, font, colors, animation, and videos to put on your Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube channel. 2. Collaborate with someone who has achieved your desired level of fame If you are just starting in the creative field and looking to get known as a Fashion Creative, look for someone you aspire to be like and who you look up to. It could be a good opportunity to collaborate with that individual. Keep in mind, that a good collaboration means ensuring there is a beneficial mutual relationship between the two of you so that you can reach those untapped audiences that are likely to catapult your brand even further. 3. Build a stellar portfolio Your portfolio will represent what you do best; hence, it should only be examples of your best work yet. Furthermore, it is your resume. Therefore, you’ll want to make it as comprehensive as possible without giving too much away. Again, it's about highlighting what you do best in as attractive a manner as possible so that people want to find out more about you. Check out our advice for Portfolios Do's & Dont's 4. Focus on a business plan Suppose you have concentrated on building a creative business of your own, and you want to ensure that it's represented as well as possible. One of the ways you can do this is by creating a business plan that will outline how you intend to establish your company. Moreover, many of the details you'll want to make sure you include revolve around how you intend to structure your business; and what your marketing plan will entail as far as getting your craft and your brand out there and on the lips of your target audience; what your game plan for raising startup capital will include, etc. The Benefits of Having a Business Plan from Business Agility Pty Ltd:​ 1. Increased Clarity A business plan can bring clarity to the decision-making process regarding key aspects of the business such as capital investments, leases, resourcing, etc. You can't do everything. A good Business Plan will help you identify business-critical priorities and milestones to focus on. 2. Creation of a Marketing Roadmap Marketing is an important aspect of a business plan. It helps to define your target market(s), target customers, and how you will promote and place your product/service to these markets/customers. 3. Support for Funding Whether you’re seeking credit from a bank or capital from investors, a business plan that answers questions about profitability and revenue generation is often required. 4. Helps to Secure Talent For a business to succeed, attracting talented workers and partners is vital. Part of a business plan’s purpose is to help bring in the right talent, at the right time. Staff wants to understand the vision, how the business will achieve its goals, and how they can contribute to this in their own roles. 5. Provides Structure A business plan provides structure and defines business management objectives. It becomes a reference tool to keep the business on track with sales targets and operational milestones. When used properly and consulted regularly, it can help measure and manage your priority areas of focus. In the beginning, getting the attention you need to be a strong contender in your industry will usually require significant effort. But this really all depends on the time and effort you're willing to put into your strategy so you can reap the rewards of the creative energy and effort you put into it. By Contributing Author, Sharon Redd. "Sharon Redd created Live All the Way to help others live life to the ABSOLUTE FULLEST. She believes life all the way is a life with all the toppings! It’s ordering guacamole and queso at the restaurant. It’s wearing those bright pink shoes, no matter what anyone else thinks. It’s using your formal china for every meal and hugging your friends every time you see them. It’s eating ice cream for breakfast and so much more. Her goal, each and every day, is to live all the way and her mission is to help others do the same." Looking to start your own business and need some help? We love Zenbusiness for its free academy and legal services to get you compliant, and up and running! You can learn more about them read here: Start Your Business here: Looking to transform your designs and work to make a bigger & better impact? Stay tuned for IFD's upcoming classes- subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of learning opportunities. Have you joined our community yet? It's a great place to network, reach out to industry professionals, and learn something new. Join IFD Connect here! We love hearing from our readers; Have a feature you would like to recommend? RECOMMEND A FEATURE STORY Want to be a featured maker or brand? SEND AN INQUIRY Curious about advertising with us? SUBMIT AN INQUIRY HERE Curious about Design and Development services? REACH OUT TO US HERE Want to learn about our annual Ethical Fashion Festival and how you can get involved? EFF INQUIRES Thank you for reading today! Did you enjoy this article? Please share! Follow us at: Instagram Pinterest Linkedin

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