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  • The Basics

    Learn what a business plan is and why you need one.

  • How will you make it happen?

    You can’t provide services or products without the right resources. This is the place to list out what you have: locations, workers, physical supplies, and previous investments. Prove that you’ve thought through every step of the process and know how to get the job done.

  • What will it cost?

    What about the things you need? New locations? Hiring new employees? Provide as many details as possible. After listing the expected expenses, focus on the exciting stuff: profits. How much do you expect your business to earn by the end of the year? And how can your investors benefit from your success?

  • Why does the business exist?

    The first section of a business plan explains what exactly the business does. Opening a restaurant? Creating a travel agency? Be clear about what you do. Now explain why! Why are you passionate about this business? How did you get started? A few sentences about your story can go a long way in convincing someone to invest. Passion goes a long way. Be sure to share it.

  • What’s a business plan, anyway?

    A business plan explains what a business does, how it plans on making money, and why other people should care. Investors aren’t your only audience. Business plans can help you keep track of why you created your business in the first place. Having data, goals, and a clear vision all in one place can help you make important decisions later on.

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