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Behind the Scenes with Mondo Guerra at FashioNXT; The #1 in Forbes Magazine US Cities Fashion weeks

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Every October I look forward to getting a behind-the-scenes peek into FashioNXTs fashion shows, which was just named #1 in a Forbes List of US Cities Fashion Weeks, right here in Portland, OR. This past October was no exception. I got a sneak peek back stage and chatted with most of the designers, including Project Runway's very bold and fun Mondo Guerra. Mondo showed his latest collection, inspired by a pirate theme and included his signature bright colors, 3D elements done by hand, gold and silver accents in a modern, bold, playful style that Mondo is known for.

A Mondo Guerra design on the runway
A Mondo Guerra design on the runway

About Mondo: Bio by FashioNXT: Mondo Guerra is a designer and social influencer whose innovative style and bold prints have caught the fashion world’s imagination, while his truth and courage captured the hearts of fans around the world when he first revealed his HIV+ status on “Project Runway” Season 8. He later went on to win the debut season of “Project Runway All Stars” and became an audience favorite as a mentor on Lifetime’s spinoff series, “Under The Gunn”. Mondo’s creative designs can be purchased as a variety of original products (from See Eyewear to Crocs footwear), and his signature collections are available on

Mondo’s visual aesthetics often carry a social message that intersects his art with his advocacy. The Denver-born artist was commissioned to create a custom World AIDS Day design for the 2015 Subaru Legacy that was revealed during Art Basel, Miami, and is a spokesperson for Merck’s iDesign HIV/AIDS educational initiative. In 2013, Guerra became a national spokesperson for Dining Out For Life, an annual HIV/AIDS fundraiser hosted by Subaru. Mondo is currently focused on the development of cutting-edge multimedia content and continues to create modern designs that blend his fashion and social consciousness." From

Mondo Guerra Design on FashioNXT Runway 2022
Mondo Guerra Design on FashioNXT Runway 2022

Behind the Scenes with Mondo Guerra at FashioNXT: Inspiration, Prints, and 3D Elements

What's unique about this collection is that it's entirely Mondo's vision. In the past, his collections had been styled and music chosen by someone else- this time he chose everything himself and was excited to see his original vision come to life on the runway.

A Mondo Guerra shirt Design
A Mondo Guerra Design

About: Brand Statement

"At Mondo Guerra, we believe in the power of color and print to express individuality and self-confidence. We first discovered this through our love of the New York club scene—a space where we could be ourselves and express our creativity with no fear of judgment. Today, we continue this mission by creating clothes that allow anyone to shine despite any challenges they may face. From the moment you pick up a piece from our collection, Mondo Guerra will help you find your true self, one bold color at a time!" Mondo Guerra

Mondo Guerra has been in the fashion industry for many years, and his designs have been featured in various publications and shows. He gained national attention when he appeared on Project Runway and became a finalist in the competition, He later went on to compete, and win Project Runway All-Stars and later became one of the judges

Mondo Guerra as Project Runway Celebrity Judge 2022
Mondo Guerra as Project Runway Celebrity Judge 2022

We're excited to see what Mondo has in store for the future and can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

Learn more about FashioNXT:

2023 is the 10th Anniversary of FashioNXT Week!

Placed #1 in the Forbes Magazine list of US Cities Fashion Weeks, recognizing our decade-long service to elevate fashion creatives, innovation, and sustainability.

"From the executive producer of the fashion week that TIME Magazine places as #1 in the US outside of New York Fashion Week, FashioNXT Week showcases the experience of “What’s Next in Fashion”, and is recognized by Portland Mayor as the City’s Official Fashion Week. As in every October, this year FashioNXT Week is premiering the next season’s collections of extraordinary designers on the runway in an innovative fashion experience. Extraordinary fashion designers from all over the world are joining the best of Portland in a world-class experience ideal for engaging the patrons and the media.

FashioNXT utilizes the immersive fashion experience to elevate the fashion creatives and helps rejuvenate the industry and the city by shining a bright light on the city’s thriving creative offerings. Designers from all over the US and Canada — including Project Runway superstars from New York City and Los Angeles, and the established designers from PNW.

FashioNXT programs are designed to develop the industry eco-system. The shows are designed to connect the designers with the patrons to develop business more effectively and multi-pronged way than any fashion week in the country — a world-class fashion show with immersive brand-activation of the designers throughout the venue, a post-show market hour, booth exhibits, preceded and followed by media and digital engagements that amplify the brand throughout the target demography globally. One of the most anticipated programs of FashioNXT Week is the runway finale of UpNXT emerging designers accelerator as FashioNXT brings industry experts and a powerful prize package to develop the next generation of talents. This year the UpNXT lineup is the strongest yet.

Enjoy your experience of what’s next in fashion.

As our commitment to inspiring sustainability, FashioNXT is a Clean-Energy and Water-Neutral event, courtesy of Bonneville Environmental Foundation. FashioNXT is committed to community support through fashion."

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