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From Canvas to Couture; A Self-Taught Artist & Designer Success Story

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Chance Watt in his studio with model
Chance Watt design in his studio. Model; Dana Sytsma Photography by Jordan Kelm

Greetings! I am excited to introduce multi-media artist Chance Watt. From Canvas to Couture; A Self-Taught Artist and designer, Chance will be showing his latest collection "X" at Fashion in Flight in Tacoma, Washington this coming weekend. Inside Fashion Design will be there to talk with the designers, and to get some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. To learn more and for tickets, visit Stay tuned for more coverage after the show!

Chance Watts Green cape design in studio
Chance Watts Green cape design in studio

"Chance is not your typical fashion designer- he is a self-taught artist who took from painting on canvas to painting on apparel. Chance, who is from Tri-Cities, Washington, made his talent as a painter known at 19. His bold range of realism and abstraction blends perfectly with his use of gradients between color and the heavy-bodied look, giving an exhilarating feel. To the viewer, Chance is an artist's workhorse, and there are no signs of slowing down. He is constantly pushing the limits to satisfy his artistic appetite. The chosen medium is acrylic, silver leaf, and 24K gold leaf on canvas, leather, suede, and silk. His style is very fresh and original, which makes it unique, contemporary, and modern. Additionally, Chance is in high demand for commissions on personal portrait work and is now creating works for galleries. Mitchell Contemporary is fortunate to exhibit his work and is currently accepting commissions for portraits." From

As a multimedia artist, Chance produces work that is alive with energy. His paintings are refreshing to the senses and unite abstraction with realism. His skill set combines highly detailed rendering techniques with vibrant explosions of color. The brightness of his work is so refreshing and uplifting- enhancing your mood just by looking at his creations and I love that you can wear a painting!

Chance Watt painting pastel face
Chance Watt painting

Each of his paintings is unique, yet they evoke similar feelings for the viewer. His works have a subtle, palpable sensuality balanced by a fiery sense of possibility, passion, and drive. He visualizes these feelings into pieces that satiate both the eye and mind.

Chance Watt in the studio with model
Chance Watt in the studio with model

Showing at Fashion in Flight, Collect X

Chance Watt's most recent collection, "x," explores every inch of the color spectrum using an evocative and expressive style. Painterly brushstrokes and intense hues saturate each canvas in the series. Watt's signature style marries graphic realism with total spontaneity and abstraction.

Model: Haley Slate

Chance delicately and purposefully illustrates the same model against a backdrop of colorful chaos across the series. Brushstrokes writhe across the works, taking the viewer on a journey through the canvas as we take it all in. His "wearable" designs are painted on leather, suede & silk fabrics. Each one is 100% made in-house, from the beginning creation process to hand-sketched concept, to mock-ups and then patterns. After which each is hand-sewn and finished by being hand-painted.

Chance is able to draw the viewer in with this energetic composition, inviting us into his world of playful abstraction. Simultaneously, we are tempted to step back from these larger-than-life pieces, endeavoring to digest the scenes.

For Chance, there's no slowing down anytime soon. Between his skillfully bold contemplative rendering of abstraction and realism, his paintings are visceral yet sensual. Each concept is a treat. Your mind skips between pops of color and moody sophistication. Chance creates energy with hints of density, giving the eye a slight sculptural feel to play with.

His subjects are elevated to a new age and vibe that will constantly stimulate your mind with ever-changing narratives.

image of Chance Watt "wonder" design
Chance Watt "wonder" design

To view more and connect with Chance, visit his IG @chance.watt

Chance Watt walking Runway
Chance Watt walking Runway. Model; Kat Lotto

To attend Fashion in Flight, visit here. To learn more about showing your collection, reach out through this website.

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