Responsible Entrepreneurship – 2 Sessions Session 1: 9th April 2022, 9: 30 am EST. $69.

Updated: Apr 14

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Are you a social impact entrepreneur or want to become one?

In session 1 Join Sonica Sarna in this intensive session that helps you connect deeply with your sense of purpose to drive lasting change in the fashion industry. As fashion industry professionals, we will evaluate the impact our daily business decisions we are having on people and the planet. We will learn how to make socially and ecologically responsible decisions within our immediate sphere of influence at work. We will then share tools to leverage these responsible decisions to overcome financial and systemic constraints created by the old ways of doing business.

In session 2 learn from real-world success stories. Meet and receive direct feedback from other guest social entrepreneurs in fashion as they share the highlights of their journey and the ground reality of being a fashion activist.