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What is The Fashion Act and What Do I Need to Know?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

A rally for the Fashion Act New York City
The Fashion Act

If you work in fashion you may have heard about The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act- but what exactly is it and how will it affect our work?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Andie MacDowell & Amber Valleta join the Act on Fashion Coalition
Leonardo DiCaprio, Andie MacDowell & Amber Valleta join the Act on Fashion Coalition

In New York, The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act (The Fashion Act) aims to be the first of its kind, a groundbreaking policy addressing the fashion industry in the fashion capital of the world. "By creating a global foundation for the fashion industry’s environmental and social practices, The Fashion Act’s objective is to put an end to its destructive impacts on the environment and exploitation of garment factory workers around the world". This Act has not passed yet, but is still in the works, getting support from many celebrities and organizations. The future is looking bright with all these amazing efforts in the works!

Are you a fashion brand or industry professional looking to learn more about the upcoming legislation that could potentially impact your business?

WORLD COLLECTIVE is excited to host a virtual roundtable

a discussion featuring Maxine Bédat Bedat, Executive Director of New Standard Institute who will provide insights on the Fashion Sustainability & Accountability Act proposed in New York and how it could affect the future of fashion.

We invite you to take part in this growing community of forward-thinking executives and join us in this meaningful discussion.

Come learn more about the act and how World Collective works and discover how the solutions discussed align with your business clarity and sustainability goals! 💥

Free and open to all Register to get the zoom link and mark your calendars! Zoom Registration:

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About The Fashion Act

This article from ReMake covers

FAQ'S: Everything You Need to Know About New York State’s Fashion Act

Want to help get regulations passed? To Sign a petition to help pass new regulations, visit this link to sign or visit:

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