Candace Molatore

Updated: Mar 8

Body positivity has come a long way in recent years, especially during the pandemic, when folks were consuming more information and having to be in public far less. Candace Molatore, self-love advocate, has been a steady and powerful force in the movement. From community building moments across social media to incredible brand partnerships, she takes branding to a whole new level.

Her partnerships are with incredible brands, ranging from massive footwear apparel brands like Adidas and Dr. Martens to housewares superpowers like West Elm and Target. But she doesn’t stop there- she also partners with brands who are supporting the same communities she is, like Tradlands, Venus Summerwear and Aerie.

We’re overjoyed to have Candace as an ambassador for us, as we believe ethical fashion has a strong responsibility in the body positivity movement.