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Could you give up shopping for a year?? Lu from Luinlluland believes you can!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Fashion inspiration and definition-of-fabulous British mum Lou is a force of nature. “Dedicated to growing old disgracefully,” her website Luinluland greets you with neon colors, fabulous maximalist fashion moments, and encouraging, powerful language. As our ambassador, she’s helped us reach an audience of women looking for a space to be included, a space to be confident, and a space to celebrate themselves. She challenged herself to give up shopping for an entire year, and met the challenge head on. Achieving this seemingly insurmountable task left her feeling bold and powerful- if she could vanquish the beast of her consumerism, what else could she do?

The answer, as it turns out, was right inside her own home- in her closet, to be precise. She had gathered a deeply colorful, unique yet accessible, sustainable OASIS of clothing- one that she decided to share with others. People immediately realized the gift of Luinluland’s Closet of Dreams, and flocked to her side to take measured fashion risks as she fearlessly styled them from her collection.

When the virus took its toll on the world, Lu pivoted, starting a video series encouraging folks to look in their closets for gems that might be overlooked- and to fight the urge to lean into fast fashion. She hasn’t stopped there- she’s started her own line of sweatshirts, is rolling out limited edition fashion and reworked vintage, and is doubling down on just how fabulous one can be after a reinvention.

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