Ethical Fashion Design Master Class Series 2022 With Sonica Sarna

Updated: Mar 17

IFD is thrilled to be partnering with Sonica Sarne in this special online masterclass series. Gain practical tools necessary for creating real and lasting positive change in the fashion industry

These masterclasses are geared towards fashion industry professionals and sustainability enthusiasts, based on Sonica decade-long practical expertise in sustainability

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2022 Class Listing:

Join Sonica Carna in this unique master class on how to create natural dyed fabrics in partnership with heritage artisan communities. Sonica partners with handloom organization Blue Lotus to bring you the first of its kind practical and demonstrative course for designers, brands and craft enthusiasts who will learn both how to design artisans natural dyed textiles and also the technical aspect of handloom weaving from fibre to fabric directly from the artisans themselves

In the first of its kind demonstrative class learn how to design and create your own handloom artisanal ikat fabrics.

For the first time traditional ikat weavers and Sonica Sarna come together to teach you the technical steps and practical aspects of designing ikat fabrics collections.

This unique course is designed by Sonica Sarna based on over ten years of expertise of working with ikat artisans.

Are you a social impact entrepreneur or want to become one?

Join Sonica Sarna in this intensive session that helps you connect deeply with your sense of purpose to drive lasting change in the fashion industry. As fashion industry professionals, we will evaluate the impact our daily business decisions we are having on people and the planet. We will learn how to make socially and ecologically responsible decisions within our immediate sphere of influence at work. We will then share tools to leverage these responsible decisions to overcome financial and systemic constraints created by the old ways of doing business.

Are you looking for a responsible and ethical production partner for your brand but are overwhelmed by a lack of transparency, conflicting terminology or simply don’t know how to approach this critical business decision? Then join Sonica Sarna as she demystifies the ethical production process for you.

Every designer and brand has an imperative responsibility to understand the environmental impact of their sourcing decisions and need to educate themselves to make better fabric and material choices. Join Sonica Sarna in this in-depth class on sourcing organic, regenerative, and sustainable materials.

If you want to develop ethical and long-term artisan partnerships that have a positive impact and enrich your design process, learn from Sonica Sarna who has been partnering with over 40 artisan communities for more than a decade.

An intensive look at how the average consumer can make change through conscious consumption and activism. Practice tips and tools to reduce your footprint, evolve your buying habits and make better lifestyle decisions. Learn how to see through green washing, understand confusing terminology around sustainability and mobile change through consumer activism. Reclaim your power as a responsible fashionista and citizen to help make the fashion industry do better

Join this unique masterclass to learn all the tools and strategies for designing a zero-waste collection using textile waste created by fast fashion. Learn about the overwhelming fast fashion waste problem and how to overcome it. In this intensive session, you will learn how to source deadstock fabrics and how to use them to design collections for a contemporary audience.

Are you a fashion designer or sustainability enthusiast who wants to create your first collection, but are concerned about the negative human and environmental impact it may create? Sign up for this masterclass with Sonica that will walk you through all the practical steps of designing an ethical collection of products. We will begin with your impact goals and creative scion and help you define the foundation and process to make it a reality. Learn the pitfalls to avoid and how to address technical design, production, pricing, logistics and more.

Sourcing and designing with kala cotton and the indigenous fibers. Design and production process and challenges. tracing impact and helping to create long term change. Working with indigenous artisan communities on fair trade terms.

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