Ethical Production Partners – 2 Sessions Session 1: 16th April 2022, 9: 30 am EST. $69.00.

Updated: Mar 17

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Are you looking for a responsible and ethical production partner for your brand but are overwhelmed by a lack of transparency, conflicting terminology or simply don’t know how to approach this critical business decision? Then join Sonica Sarna as she demystifies the ethical production process for you.

In session 1 we will cover, The various kinds of production setups such as factories, workshops, worker co-ops, and how they all compare. * A review of industry certifications and terminology as well as worker rights and environmental laws applicable to manufacturing setups. * Are you factory-ready? Tech-packs, spec sheets, and other details to be ready before you begin work with your production partner. * Standard payment terms, MOUs, and Contracts. * How to navigate costing, Sampling, and production minimums and timelines.

In session 2 meet ethical production facilities, ask questions, and grow your network. Receive a dossier of highly recommended and responsible production partners.