Sourcing Organic And Sustainable Materials 2 Sessions. $69.00 23rd April 2022

Updated: Apr 14

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Every designer and brand has an imperative responsibility to understand the environmental impact of their sourcing decisions and need to educate themselves to make better fabric and material choices. Join Sonica Sarna in this in-depth class on sourcing organic, regenerative, and sustainable materials.

In session 1 we will cover, * The multi-dimensional impact of choosing eco-friendly fabrics on people and ecosystems.

* Fiber, yarns, weaves, and dyes- the various elements that come together to create a sustainable fabric.

* Industry certifications, trademarks, symbols

* What they mean and how they all compare.

* A deep dive into organic, sustainable, and regenerative fibers, yarns, fabrics, and dyes.

* How to compare and select among options

* Minimums, lead times, quality, cost, and other constraints to navigate.

Session 2; Date to be announced. In session 2, meet leading organic sustainable fabric suppliers and mills, ask questions and gain a practical and well-rounded understanding of the ethical material sourcing process. Grow your network, begin the process of building meaningful industry partnerships. Receive a list of ethical sources curated by Sonica.