Go Grab Life by the Handful!

Updated: Mar 8

Meet an IFD Favorite Brand Handful®!!

A portland based, women owned company, Handful® is designed in Portland and manufactured at an women owned factory. Always striving to support women of all shapes and sizes, including styles made for great cancer survivors. All products are designed with sustainability, fair wages and supporting women at the forefront of their efforts.

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Founder and CEO Jennifer Ferguson who grabbed necessity by the horns and didn’t let the ups and downs of starting a business buck her off until she gave birth to the Original Handful Bra in 2006. Jennifer was already a mother of two and a fulltime fitness instructor, but she couldn’t find a bra that could keep up with her always on, ever moving, places to be but still look good from wake up to worn out, active lifestyle. Handful is and always will be her beloved third child. Jennifer even named it after herself(her father would always tell people, “She’s a handful.”)

We believe there is great healing to be found at the intersection of cancer and fitness and encourage every woman who has faced breast cancer to take advantage of our program, which is focused on gearing you up to get out and grab life with confidence.

In support of breast cancer survivors, Handful® gives 12.5% of revenue from their Battle Cry Pink bras year round to YSC® (Young Survival Coalition) in recognition of the 1 in 8 women (12.5%) who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. In addition, breast cancer survivors are eligible fora lifetime 30% discount on all bras and activewear through their Breast Friends program. They also provide FREE pad sets that can be stacked and used as prosthetics in any pocketed Handful® bra

Shop today and throughout the year to support our women-led business. Find other fierce female brands below or at @womenledwednesday.⁠

Thank you Handful team for all you do to support women, women owned businesses and ethical practices!

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