How Art became a Passion & Purpose: Meet CITIZEN T

Updated: Apr 14

We’re finding that more than ever, brands are taking a stance against fast fashion and waste. Frequently, these decisions come from personal experiences- and Citizen T is no different. When their founder was diagnosed with breast cancer, her art became her passion- and with that came a renewed sense of purpose behind how personal creations can do good for all. Not only do the raw materials for her designs rescue landfill-bound clothing, but a percentage of all proceeds go directly to charity.

92 millions tons of waste the fashion industry produces on annual basis

200 years it takes for textiles to decompose in landfills

64 percent of clothes produced each year end up in landfill

By sourcing both pre-and-post-consumer clothing for repurposing, they extend the life of these materials that would be tossed or take up space in warehouses. Everything is meticulously cleaned, dried, and moved into the art process, where designers bring in various forms of media to make the clothing their own.

Thank you to Citizen T for inspiring us and demonstrating how passion can become your purpose and a brand!

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