How do you make Fashion for Good? A Chat with Hecho por Nosotros

Greetings!  Thank you for stopping by today!  I am excited to share with you this feature about Hecho for Nosotros, founded by Adriana Mariana.  I am also very excited to hear her speak at our upcoming Ethical Fashion Festival….now, on with the story!

The team at Hecho por Nosotros (translation: Made By Us) — a non-profit NGO working to promote sustainability in the world of fashion — is driven by strong beliefs:

We believe that fashion industry can be transformed as a force of good.

We believe in conscious consumption, sustainable production processes and timeless and durable design.

The result? A focus on sustainability projects and policy making, and a design line called animaná, featuring sustainable products clothes, accessories, and home decor highlighting natural fibers from Patagonia and the Andes. Adriana Marina is the founder of both Hecho por Nosotros and animaná, and she and her team are working to promote sustainability in the world of fashion.

Sustainable Luxury

Hecho por Nosotros’ beliefs translate into products through the animaná brand, whose timeless, classic collections adhere to the principle of sustainable luxury. Nature offers beauty, which animaná seeks to preserve in their products by letting the natural fibers and natural colors speak for themselves in each garment, accessory and home decor product. All items are crafted by hand by local artisans using ancestral techniques, making each piece unique while always still contemporary and sophisticated in style. Products are made of the finest fibers of Patagonia and the Andes—the exotic camelids fibre, vicugna, alpaca, llama and guanaco and the best Merino from Patagonia. Working with local communities and one of the most environmentally friendly fibers available makes animaná a truly sustainable fashion brand.

Fashion for Good

Hecho por Nosotros’ vision of sustainable fashion goes beyond the animaná brand. As a non-profit NGO with consultative status with the United Nations, Hecho por Nosotros organizes sustainability projects and participate sustainability policy processes and policy making platforms. With a strong focus on research and education projects, the goal is to understand the fashion/design industry and its problems better, and to find comprehensive solutions for creating the new paradigm of sustainable fashion.

Industry Impact In the past ten years, Hecho por Nosotros and animaná have impacted the lives of thousands of artisans through the ability to generate work, as well as teaching about modern design and sustainable production. Here are just a few of the organization’s accomplishments:

* Increased the capacity of 27 fiber producers and 364 artisan groups, counting 3,023 people and their families.

* Developed a business network of almost 7,500 artisans that meet market demand in terms of volume and quality standards, integrating them into the global market and offering more economic opportunities.

* Trained 1,500 design students in sustainable fashion.

Hecho por Nosotros is actively working to turn Sustainable Fashion into the industry’s new reality, and Adriana Marina is leading the way.

Hear Adriana Marina speak in person, at our Ethical Fashion Festival Nov 5-7

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