How to Get Paid what you Deserve!

Tips for Getting the Right Salary for You

March 24th, 2021 is Equal Pay Day in the US, the day when women on average finally catch up to what men earned in a prior year (find out more about Equal Pay Day here). We know what a challenge getting paid your worth can be, which is why we’re sharing tips to help you negotiate the right salary for you. Do you have your own salary story or tips for advocating for yourself and getting paid? If so, we’d love to hear them. Tag us on social media @insidefashiondesign with your stories or email them to 

Do A Salary Deep Dive

You might start with the basics, using online tools like Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth or PayScale’s Salary Calculator. Sites like these can give you a pretty good idea of what to seek out in compensation. But to ensure you’re not going in with a salary ask that’s too low or too high (both bad!) you want to dig deeper into your industry. What skills does this particular job require and value? Can you speak with anyone in a similar position at this or another company? You don’t have to pry into what they make, simply ask, “What could someone in this position expect to make?” Be sure to ask multiple people if you can, as salary gaps exist between men, women, POC and more, and could affect the numbers you are hearing. 

Know Your Worth

It’s time to get real with yourself and make a frank assessment of your own skills and experience. Your past performance reviews can reveal how managers have viewed your work. Notice your strengths and weaknesses then think about what you’ve done to work on these weaknesses since then. Seek endorsements from previous employers — If you left on friendly terms, ask your former manager what makes you a desirable candidate so you can share that with the new hiring manager. 

Showcase your work with a fabulous portfolio. Building a great portfolio deserves a deep dive of its own, but the basics include inspiration moodboards that show your research and process, sketches if you have them, digital fashion flats, and a sample of your tech pack work if you have it. Good quality photos of finished garments are a plus. Think of your portfolio as a way to show not just what you can create but how you do the work.

Talk it Out

Whether you’re negotiating salary at a new job or hoping for a raise at your current one, think of it as a collaboration. Everyone is looking to get value on both sides of the equation. You might ask a hiring manager what the most valuable skills are to have for this position. Ask questions about how pay is determined and what you can work on to create opportunities for advancement in the future. Find out more about the ideal starting expectations and eventual goals for the role. This will help both you and your manager discover the right fit for you as well as what you can bring to the position.

I hope this article is helpful to you- have your own tips on equal pay and salaries within the industry?  

May peace and plenty bless your world With a joy that long endures And may all life’s passing seasons Bring the best to you and yours.  An Irish Blessing

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