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Preserving Tradition with Sustainable Fashion Hadithi Basket Weavers

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Models showing bags made by artisan weavers in Kenya
Woven bags from artisan weavers for Artisan Fashions in Kenya

Meet the Makers: Hadithi Basket Weavers of Tsavo, Kenya

Preserving Tradition and Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Fashion

Have you ever wondered who made the clothes and fashion accessories you wear every day? In our Meet the Makers series, we take a closer look at the people behind the fashion industry, their traditions, and their communities.

basket weave fashion tote
Woven fashion tote made by weavers from Artisan Fashion in Kenya

Today, we feature the Hadithi Basket Weavers of Tsavo, Kenya. This group of women has been weaving baskets for generations, using traditional techniques and locally sourced materials.

In Tsavo, where transportation is often limited and expensive, the basket weaving trade provides a vital source of income for families. The women work together, sharing their skills and knowledge, and supporting each other in times of need.

artisan fashion basket weavers in Kenya
artisan fashion basket weavers in Kenya

"We help each other. I learned from my grandma how to use a basket," says Hilda, one of the basket weavers. "When it comes from the sisal, it is very green, so you want it to come white. You must use a stick to clean it."

smiling artisan fashion basket weavers in Kenya
smiling artisan fashion basket weavers in Kenya

The baskets made by the Hadithi Basket Weavers are not only beautiful but also sustainable. They are made from sisal, a type of agave plant that grows abundantly in the area, and dyed with natural materials like tea or coffee. By using locally sourced and biodegradable materials, the weavers are reducing their environmental impact and preserving their cultural heritage.

The baskets are so well-crafted that they are being used all over the world, and the weavers are proud of their creations. "When you go to my group, you will see wonders. Taitas like to sing. You'll dance if you like or not. You know it is a passion," says Hilda.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the Hadithi Basket Weavers as much as we did. Stay tuned for more stories from the people behind your favorite fashion items.

Artisan Fashion of Kenya Products & projects photo
Artisan Fashion of Kenya Products & projects

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