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The Future of Fabric with Neu Nomads: Where Fashion Meets a Conscience

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Neu Nomads Eco-Friendly Apparel

"After decades in the fashion industry, we decided to do things differently. With that in mind, we created an ethics-first brand with a commitment to sustainability and traceability. This mindfulness and dedication to our values extend from the fabrics to the factories; to packaging and ultimately to the products. Everything considered." From:

I have been following the brand Neu Nomads for a few years now and support them by not only being a customer, but by sharing their values and philosophy on apparel design & creation. I am a fan of their values, their priorities, and their styles. It's a bit of Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, and Marilyn Monroe all rolled into one. Read on to learn about their values, priorities, and the future of fabric that are the driving force behind each design they create.

Neu Nomads: Where Fashion Meets a Conscience

The fashion world is changing, slowly, but I'm optimistic we are moving in the right direction. As a Designer, when I learn about brands like Neu Nomads, I see what's possible in how we design and what we can offer consumers that support positive change. We all want to look good, but it shouldn't come at the expense of our planet or the people making our clothes. So, If you're not familiar, please meet Neu Nomads – a brand that's keeping it real with a commitment to style that doesn't compromise ethics and sustainability (psst...and it's not crazy expensive!)

Coats and Blouses from Neu Nomads current collection

"We think beautiful clothing should be affordable and accessible. By working directly with our suppliers and keeping overhead costs low, we’re able to bring you products of exceptional quality without the traditional markups. Plus, we’re minimalists at heart. We believe in doing more with less, so we’ve designed every piece in our collection to be endlessly wearable, washable, and versatile." There is no human nature, only nature. Life operates through symbiosis. To take care of the natural world is to take care of ourselves, our families, and our communities. As we wake up to this awareness of ourselves as nature, we recognize that when we heal our planet, we heal ourselves - and when we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth.” from:

icons for Neu Nomads eco values
Neu Nomads eco values

Neu Nomads motto: "Ethics, Ecology, and Elegance."

person cutting fabric with sissor
Apparel Maker

Ethics: Neu Nomads pays their workers fair wages and ensures the people who create their designs have safe working conditions. Studies have shown that brands like Neu Nomads have led to a significant reduction in labor exploitation cases within the industry. When you wear Neu Nomads, you're sporting more than just stylish threads; you're wearing a statement for ethical fashion.

Eco-Friendly: Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for Neu Nomads; it's a company requirement. By using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and Tencel, they've contributed to a 30% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional materials in the fashion industry. This makes a big difference in a world where every bit of carbon reduction counts.

Elegance: You don't have to compromise style for sustainability. Neu Nomads' collections effortlessly blend elegance, comfort, and sustainability. They get that looking good and feeling good can go hand in hand. I love that the styles look elegant and professional, but they are soft and comfortable at the same time...and, I might add, can be styled up or down to be fitting for any occasion and many body types.

close up of a cotton plant
Cotton Plant

Neu Nomads builds their collections with:

  • Plant-based fabric-sourced from sustainable and renewable natural resources

  • Biodegradable and natural Fibers, including; Satin TENCEL, Eco-Jerseys, 100% Organic Cotton Flannels

  • Linen

  • Eco-Cashmere

  • Eco-Friendly Dyes

  • Zero Waste Packaging

  • Womens Empowerment

  • Fair Prices

So, if you're into fashion with a conscience, consider supporting Neu Nomads as a go-to brand when you are looking for an addition to your wardrobe. They're rewriting the fashion design narrative and proving you don't have to sacrifice style to make a positive impact. Explore further how Neu Nomads leads the charge toward a fashion world where ethics and sustainability are non-negotiable at

Check out highlights from their article: The Future of Fabric

dark blue clothing from Neu Nomads new collection of Modal fabrics
Neu Nomads new collection of Modal fabrics

"So many of us do cleanses and detoxes, being mindful about what we put in our bodies, without ever stopping to think about what we put on our bodies every day. We might choose certain foods and beauty products because we care about their impact on our health and the environment, but we usually don’t stop to consider the clothes we wear. Today, we want to eat clean food, use clean beauty products, and support responsible businesses. We want our purchases to reflect our ideals and values. So why don’t we stop thinking about what we put next to our body -- the most intimate layer between us and the world? Whether we wear polyester leggings or choose sustainable bottoms for women, it seems like we don’t reflect on the materials and choices we make when it comes to getting dressed."

"That’s why we’ve chosen to do things differently. While natural fabrics are more expensive to produce, they cost far less from an ecological perspective. Natural fibers easily decompose in landfills, they don’t create toxic and polluting materials, and they utilize significantly less water and energy during the production process."

Neu Nomads believes that plant-derived fabrics are the way of the future & supports a greener supply chain that is scientifically sound and economically feasible. Their signature modal fabric not only feels good against the skin, but is plant-derived, breathable, lightweight, and buttery soft and its qualities drive their design decisions. The material choices give their pieces a polished look yet provide feel-good comfort at the same time. Learn more about their signature fabrics here.

Neu Nomads represents a radically new approach to direct-to-consumer clothing: "created and operated by women with a fabrication process that is environmentally-sensitive, non-toxic and packaged in 100% recycled materials from textiles waste—and industry first and an important step in establishing a more sustainable supply chain."

They are also committed to:

  • Counteracting the vast amount of waste

  • Environmental damage associated with apparel production

  • Contaminated water from the dyes,

  • Plastic waste generated in shipping and distribution

  • Overproduction due to unsustainable practices.

  • Building new partnerships

  • Finding new ways to do business that reflects and celebrates the dignity and value of all life on earth.

Are you a creator? Think about the work you do- does your brand or own work consider these factors? If not, set these as goals and take baby steps to incorporate them into your process.

Neu Nomads FW23 Collection: Your Transition Season Playbook "With the crisp crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, we’re clutching a pumpkin-spiced latte to go. ’Tis the season of autumnal walks, layering up against the chill, and brushing the dust off our favorite winter boots. Welcome to fall, the most fabulous season of them all."

Color dark color Mood Board inspired by Neu Nomads FW23 Palette
ifd's Color Mood Board Darks inspired by Neu Nomads FW23 Palette

ifd's Color Mood Board Darks inspired by Neu Nomads FW23 Palette
ifd's Color Mood Board Softs inspired by Neu Nomads FW23 Palette

Let's make conscious design & conscious consumerism the norm rather than the exception. Let's change the world one stylish, sustainable choice at a time. Learn more about Conscious Design & Development through our Bringing Consciousness into Design session. Available here

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