The History of Shoes: 10,000 Years of Fashion and Function' Webinar Friday, Jan 145 PM - 6:30 PM PS

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Practical and frivolous. Primitive and high tech. Refined and monstrous. Since the early days of early human civilization, shoes have not only served as protection for our precious feet, but have also become our most important accessory of self-identity and self-representation. But how did shoe style and construction of the past differ from what we know and wear today? It's time to travel back in time and around the world to see how shoe fashion and function has evolved right under our feet.

Join New York Adventure Club as we lace up for a fast-paced exploration through the complete history of footwear and its evolution throughout the ages.

Led by NYC Licensed guide Deborah Blau, our virtual journey through 10,000 years of shoe design and cultural will include:

  • Shoe aesthetics and craftsmanship from past eras, including Baroque, Renaissance, and Victorian

  • How shoes purpose and meaning varied throughout different global cultures, from Greek sandals used as walking billboards to the practice of foot binding in Chinese

  • Examples of brilliant shoe engineering techniques and clever uses of raw materials

  • The impact of footwear on feminism, class mobility, and power dynamics

  • A look at some of the wildest shoe designs from ancient to modern times

  • A discussion surrounding the future of shoes and pivotal role technology will play

Afterward, we'll have a Q&A session with Deborah — any and all questions about shoes are welcomed and encouraged!

Can't make it live? Don't worry, you'll have access to the full replay for one week!

See you there, virtually!

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About Deborah Blau

Deborah Blau is an artist and NYC tour guide who loves walking, dancing and shoes. She celebrates the magnificence of human anatomy and the creativity of the human mind. As a licensed tour NYC guide and board member of the Guides Association of New York City, she finds joy guiding visitors through NYC; a place with style in the streets and style in the shops.

In her 20s she was a fashion illustrator. In her teens, she taught ballet in a small Canadian town. Forty years later, she performed in a dance movie called Girl Walk All Day.

And now you’ll find her, showing off her beloved city at:


"Our host was engaging, informed, and shared with us with a really well planned and visually appealing presentation." -Claudia

"Delightful, fast paced story telling at its best. Puns included." -Dr Arlene

"Brilliant visuals, great exposition on the development and meaning of shoes and their fashions, lots of interesting, previously unknown facts. Well presented." -Linde

"Learned a lot....interesting information presented in an entertaining way." -Carol

"LOTS of slides! Lots of great information. I am a shoe aficionado and have read several books on shoes but I learned a lot from this webinar." -Sandy

"The historical aspects of shoe wearing was very interesting." -Donna

"Great history. The presenter was knowledgeable and fun!" -Peter

"It was very informative and interesting. The presenter was knowledgeable and clearly enjoys her subject." -Ruth

"The subject, the way the leader covered the subject chronologically, the images she used and the nice pace she used so she didn't dwell too long on any image." -Susan

"Great content, liked the part of shoes of each decade." -Noelle

"Informative and also fun. I learned a lot and the visuals were great." -Marilyn

"Amazing researched slides. So much I never saw in my life!" -Joan

"So so fascinating, combining shoe fashions with history and even language. The illustrations were fabulous. I think it was brilliant." -Sandra


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