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The Top 8 Ultimate Ethical and Sustainable Loungewear Brands for cozy comfort

This time of year, I cherish relaxation and value rejuvenating rest, and if you enjoy that as much I do, you'll appreciate the true luxury of unwinding in comfort. There's nothing I like more than throwing on a super cozy sweater over my pjs and curling up with a hot cup of cocoa.

As the weather cools and our calendars fill with holiday buzz, we need to remember prioritizing downtime becomes essential. To help you embrace tranquility, we've curated a selection of ethical top-tier brands that craft these go-to essentials—ideal for bedtime bliss, indulging in a snug weekend indoors or even running errands around town.... and hey, even for traveling! Not only are these picks perfect for your own comfort, but they also make delightfully comforting and considerate gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list. 🎁. Add in a mug and some hot cocoa mix and you have the perfect gift for encouraging relaxation & soothing comfort.

While you might be ditching single-use plastic or switching to public transport, supporting ethical and sustainable fashion is one of the most impactful changes you can make to your lifestyle.

photo of a gift box "a sign of love"
Garments Made Ethically; A Sign of Love

The fashion industry is one of the leading causes of global warming, responsible for more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. The rise of fast fashion means we’re buying more clothes than ever before at lower prices, which raises ethical and environmental concerns.

Switching to sustainable fashion encourages a focus on conscious consumerism, investing in well-made garments that use eco-friendly manufacturing with little to no environmental impact. Your everyday clothes are the perfect place to start when exploring slow fashion. Take a peek at our Ethical and sustainable loungewear brands for cozy comfort and timeless wardrobe essentials.

Knit swatches from The Knotty Ones
Knit swatches from The Knotty Ones

These 8 loungewear and sleepwear brands are innovators of slow fashion with ethical manufacturing and sustainable fabrics. This guide shares what you need to know about these independent brands and their manufacturing process to invest in fashion that is kinder to people and the planet we call home.

1. Nightire

Nightire was launched by Nina Clark in 2020, inspired by her battle with sleep insomnia to research ways to promote better sleep. After trying all the usual methods – relaxing baths, blackout blinds – Nina found that the secret was temperature-regulating sleepwear. It inspired Nina to launch Nightire with sleepwear designed for wearing at home and outdoors as loungewear.

The desert toile long sleepwear set is a matching PJ set that looks effortlessly chic. It’s the pajamas you’ll reach for all year long with its premium bamboo fabric that offers temperature regulation for chilly mornings and hot summer nights. Take your sleepwear to the next level with the matching desert toile eye mask. In addition to womens PJ's, they offer mens styles, bedding, eye masks and bundled gift ideas in fun prints..

Nightire sleepwear is vegan and certified organic with hypo-allergenic and antibacterial properties. Its bamboo fabric is sweat wicking for extra comfort and machine washable for easy cleaning.

Bamboo is a sustainable fabric that doesn’t require pesticides, fertilizers, or water to thrive. Planting bamboo helps reduce carbon dioxide in the air as it releases more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees. Nightire works with an ISO9001-certified manufacturer in China, with its fabric sourced by a bamboo specialist supplier.


2. Luciee

Luciee was launched in 2019 with the mission of “building a better tomorrow through slow fashion”. It uses natural materials to create minimalistic, feminine designs focusing on timeless styling and subtle texture. This ethical fashion brand works with artisans in Bali, providing what it describes as “fair livelihood opportunities”.

The brand manufacturers in small batches to promote thoughtful consumption. It works closely with several environmental and ethical projects to promote sustainable fashion and better working conditions. It allocates 5% of its profits to ROLE and The East Bali Poverty Project to support impoverished and at-risk young women. Luciee also partners with Health in Harmony to plant trees in Borneo, Indonesia, to offset its carbon footprint and provide sustainable jobs.

The Gael lounge pant is the ultimate closet basic that can do it all. Its relaxed silhouette and elastic waistline give it the feel of elevated loungewear, whether you’re relaxing at home or running errands on the weekend. These pants are made with 100% cotton and are 100% biodegradable. This woman-led sustainable fashion brand uses natural materials and carries low stock to prevent unnecessary waste. Check out this style and many other basic pieces that double as loungewear and run-around-town wear.


3. Artknit Studios

image of Artknit Studios Wool Categories
Artknit Studios Wool Categories

Artknit Studios was founded in 2018 by Italian designer Alessandro Loviestto. It focuses on developing longer-lasting knitwear at an affordable price that is kind to your wallet, the planet, and our fellow people. Each piece is designed and made in Italy in small batches to ensure premium quality without unnecessary mark-ups in price.

The brand uses plant and animal-based natural fibers that are quickly renewable and spun by certified mills in Biella, Italy’s wool valley. It’s the same town where Artknit Studio’s office is based, reducing its carbon footprint.


The linen cotton ribbed shirt deserves to be top of our shopping list. It encapsulates the ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic as the perfect loungewear for travel or working from home. The button-up cardigan is made with fine linen blend yarns of 65% linen and 35% organic cotton. Artknit Studio sustainably cultivates organic cotton with reduced water consumption and without pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs.



MUTA is the home of multi-functional clothing designed to go through life with you. The brand was launched by two friends, Annija and Paula, using organic fabrics to create comfortable and feminine garments that can be easily mixed and matched.

Mutas Rib Material
Mutas Rib Material

Each garment is made using organic cotton sourced in the EU and produced with no harmful chemicals or pesticides. MUTA’s clothing is designed and ethically manufactured in Riga, Latvia.

No loungewear collection is complete without a classic kimono. MUTA’s organic cotton kimono is available in white, black, and sky blue. These triple-layer 100% cotton kimonos are made using 100% certified cotton fabric and designed for ultimate comfort. It’s a staple loungewear piece for lazy weekends at home or layering up over your favorite slow fashion nightwear. They also offer athletic pieces and maternity as well!


5. Baìge

Baìge was founded by Bina Nöhr as a sustainable fashion brand, focusing on elevated basics for a capsule wardrobe. Bina worked in the textile industry and saw the impact of fast fashion up close, inspiring her to make a positive change with her designs.

Every Baìge garment is made by a small family manufacturer in Bulgaria, where textile workers are paid above minimum wage with ethical working conditions. This slow fashion brand is perfect for the minimalist at heart with its timeless designs and high-quality fabrics.

The Baila sweatshirt is the loungewear staple you can wear everywhere, from the gym to running errands and relaxing at home. It’s a capsule closet essential, made using 97% organic cotton with a loose, oversized fit for easy styling.


6. Morena Isabel

Morena Isabel is a Swiss-based slow fashion brand that offers transparency for its supply chain and manufacturing process. The eponymous fashion label was launched by Morena after studying fashion design in Zurich, inspiring her to create an ecological fashion brand with sustainability at its heart.

The brand purchases its fabric from two global organic textile standard (GOTS) certified textile agencies, with each fabric sustainably produced. Morena Isabel garments are handmade at its atelier in Zurich to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Ivy Tencel crop top is a chic and comfortable crop wrap top, available in several neutral and earth-tone shades. It’s a signature piece for your slow fashion closet and one you can layer under an oversized sweatshirt or cardigan, and doubles as a summer top or as loungewear during the warmer months. This top features 95% Tencel Modal.



WOTE was founded in 2020 by Britta Doppelfeld and Matthias Jobst, two German designers who had spent decades working in the fashion industry. The name ‘WOTE’ stands for water, ocean, trees, and earth – reflecting the brand’s focus on environmental sustainability.

Its collections are inspired by the concept of a minimalist capsule wardrobe, with cozy hoodies, oversized jumpers, and casual blouses. WOTE focuses on what it calls ‘fair fashion’ with its knitwear and hats made using recycled cashmere. The brand manufactures its garments using organic, recycled, and certified materials, including recycled wool and sustainable merino wool.

WOTE’s garments are produced by family-run factories in Carpi and Portugal that offer transparency with responsible labor practices and a focus on ethical manufacturing. The brand’s ‘2nd Life’ collection focuses on denim, one of the most durable fabrics in the industry, promoting circular fashion with second-hand clothing.

WOTE’s sweatshorts are made using soft organic cotton with a casual, relaxed fit for extra versatility. Shorts perfectly sit between being a sleepwear and loungewear staple. They’re perfect for a lazy Sunday or wearing as sleepwear in the summer.


8. The Knotty Ones

The Knotty Ones is a sustainable knitwear brand famous for its traditional Baltic knit with “wild-spirited energy”. The brand promotes slow fashion with high-quality and timeless knitwear designed to last for years. It takes the approach of creating individual pieces instead of collections.

The brand focuses on supporting female garment workers, who make up 85% of the industry. The Knotty Ones works with garment workers in rural Lithuania, offering women a way to earn a living wage with ethical working conditions in areas where jobs are scarce. Its knitwear uses 100% natural fibers inspired by Baltic traditions, including alpaca wool, merino wool, and 100% Oeko-Tex certified extra stretch cotton. Most of The Knotty Ones’ knitwear takes two to four days for an artisan to create.

The best selling Delcia cotton sweater is inspired by the brand’s Baltic pagan roots and the changing cycle of the moon. It’s made using 100% fair trade cotton in small batches to avoid deadstock. This natural yarn contains no microplastics or harmful chemicals, making it kind to your skin and the world around us.

Transitioning towards sustainable fashion presents an opportunity to embrace conscientious consumerism by prioritizing well-crafted garments manufactured using eco-friendly processes with minimal environmental footprints. Starting with our everyday wardrobe serves as an ideal entry point into the realm of slow fashion, advocating for ethical and enduring clothing.

Are you looking for more ethical fashion inspiration? Urban Kissed is the home of sustainable fashion, stocking thousands of products with weekly drops from innovative slow fashion brands. You can shop their latest arrivals here.