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Upcylced linens as bespoke designs? YES! Ethical Fashion Festival Brand: Style by Kari

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Designer Kari Dehlan

Greetings Dear Reader!

I had a fun conversation with Kari from Style by Kari the other day- check it out! It was fun to chat with a fellow Midwesterner and NDSU student. Kari has joined our Ethical Fashion Festival Virtual event to share her work and we are happy to have her as one of our featured designers!

It doesnt matter where in the world you live and work- you can pursue you passion for fashion from wherever you are. Just being resourceful and creative can help you grow your clientele and business.

Styles by Kari are made from upcycled linens & materials, with zero waste methods, sustainable and ethically made practices.

What else is important to Kari and her her brand? Transparent , specific and clear messaging about what makes their products ethically produced. Ethical brands do not claim to be “sustainable” or “eco-friendly” without offering clear examples of how that is built into their processes and product.

Designs by Kari are approximately 80% sourced from sustainable materials, tablecloths, curtains, sheets, other brand produced garments.

With each of her designs, she tries to include pieces that show how other materials can be used to create one of a kind designs, rather than just purchasing bolts of fabric.

Find Styles by Kari at IG: stylebykari to see her designs and get in touch.

Are you interested in being a featured designer, student, brand or working industry professional? reach out to us at To learn more about NDSU’s apparel program, visit: NDSU Apparel-Retail-Merchandsing and Design info here

Join us as we celebrate Ethical makers and brands- support your small designer and learn about their craft and methods for best designing practices.

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