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What Does it take to be a Successful Fashion Photographer?

Written by Ayla David, September 25, 2021

Photographers are the unsung heroes behind fashion show magic. Without incredible pictures of the designer’s work on the runways, the documentation of a show can be less than impressive. Seth Ruff is a photographer based in Atlanta, GA who prides himself on natural beauty and fashion show photography. We spoke with Seth about how every aspect of a fashion show impacts the photography and how important it is for fashion show producers to realize this. Whether you’re a fashion designer, show producer, or a photographer, there’s so much to consider when it comes to capturing the show through photography! Find out from Seth the one thing you definitely want to avoid the most!

IFD: What was your first experience with fashion photography & what drew you to the industry?

SR: My cousin attended a modeling school and asked me to do a photoshoot with her. When she presented the pictures, the school photographer was impressed and decided to take me in as an assistant. The experience helped me learn how to work with all models of varying experience, as well as using my creative mind to present unique takes on the models’ looks.

IFD: When shooting a fashion show, what are the most important aspects when setting up your camera?

SR: For me, lighting and position to the runway are critical. I concentrate on model movements for memorable images, this also provides the designers with varying photographs of their work. 

IFD: What is most important for models, designers, and fashion show producers to know when thinking about how to get the best photographs of the show?

SR: Models must be smooth and confident with their runway walk. Producers should create an evenly lit runway to highlight the clothing for the audience and the media. Every designer wants their pieces to pop through the photos so creating the perfect environment is crucial. It’s important to recognize that posted images from your show will live online forever. 

IFD: What are the worst things a fashion show could include to create a bad photography environment?

SR: The overall worst thing would have to be smoke and fog. It might be fun for the aesthetics but hurts the quality of film and media documentation. It also prevents me from seeing the detailing and silhouettes of the clothing line as the designer intends. This adds stress to me since I know the designer will not be getting the best images. Also, making sure that the photographers have a printed order list of the designs walking down the runway so we can give the credit to each designer when posting images on social media and on websites. 

IFD: When it comes to fashion, what are your favorite garments to shoot?

SR: Every garment has their own unique personality through the camera lens so it is hard to choose a favorite. However, my least favorite garment to shoot is gowns. They are great for the red carpet but don’t provide much creativity in the studio for showing movement.

IFD: What have been your favorite shows to shoot so far and why?

SR: I enjoy the New York Fashion Week events in the fall because it’s such a wonderful place to view fashion in all varieties and venues. Getting photos from inside the event and outside on the street has been my favorite so far. 

IFD: What are your future goals for fashion show photography?

SR: I was not able to attend as many shows this year because of COVID and the close-quartered aspect of my job. However, I took this time to update my skills and equipment with the hopes of coming back to each of these events with fresh ideas and a new perspective.

Thank you Seth for sharing your work and insights!

You can find Seth online at or follow his work on Instagram @ruffcuts7.

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