What Makes A Great Mother-Daughter Design Team?

Updated: Apr 14

What Makes A Great Mother-Daughter

Design Team?

Could you work with your mother?  For some families, mother and daughter working side by side sounds like a real challenge. For others, it’s the stuff of dreams. This Mother’s Day, discover creative mother-daughter duos who are making magic together. Perhaps the secret is in their intergenerational relationships. With several of these brands their pairings have created a mashup of classic construction and timeless shapes with modern prints, colors and patterns. The result? Eye-catching luxury looks for all ages. You’ll love these mother-daughter design teams!


Antwerp-based fashion label BERNADETTE is the brainchild of Charlotte de Geyter in collaboration with her mother, Bernadette. Charlotte, who studied at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, hand-draws their signature patterns, florals and botanicals. The brand’s silky and lush materials come from a shared vision of modern luxury. And Bernadette — a former buyer for Ralph Lauren — understands timeless silhouettes that work.  Bernadette is practically an overnight success, skyrocketing to cult status with their colorful luxury silk dresses, robes, sleepwear, interior goods and more. Their popular styles are trend-resistant, eschewing fads like monochromatics and changing silhouettes in favor of styles that embody the brand’s joyful, relaxed elegance. 


French mother-daughter duo Marie and Nathalie (Cléo to her friends) Dewet got their start on Instagram when the tops Marie posted there created a rising demand, pushing them to launch their website and company. Marie sources the fabric and designs the apparel which is then handmade to order, including adjusted to your measurements, by her mother Nathalie at home in the north of France. This is slow fashion — with both labor and fabric availability putting a limit on the number of each design they can make. Marie sources surplus fabrics from couture houses and factories as well as vintage and thrifted cottons and trims. Sustainability is important too: in addition to sourcing remaindered fabric, the garments lack packaging in a push to be more eco-friendly. Watch countdowns for when new releases drop, and see stock visibility tick down for each limited edition piece. 

Luisa Beccaria

Milanese designer Luisa Beccaria and her namesake brand entered the haute couture scene in the 90’s, but it wasn’t until in 2006 that her daughter Lucilla began working with her mother in the design studio. Its bridal, ready-to-wear, gowns and more all evoke a dreamy luxury. Even their jumpsuits are light and romantic! The brand’s looks have been worn by celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, and Madonna. 


The Luisa Beccaria philosophy embraces true craftsmanship, from raw materials to unique fabrics. All are combined with knowledge and professional expertise, the kind of collaboration that breeds sincere and versatile friends in the wardrobe. All achieve superlative quality and ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment. Sustainability is achieved through slow fashion, by creating shapes and styles that adapt to modern luxury yet remain timeless.The brand’s language is evocative and poetic- eccentric at times. It aims to communicate the fragile yet strong, passionate nature of a self-confident, romantic woman, the kind who projects herself in all that surrounds her.Inclusivity is also a key part of the research, as the dresses or objects are dedicated to all the world’s women. These are some of Luisa Beccaria’s values. We strive to shape a new concept of femininity that condenses grace and strength.” From:

House of Aama

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, House of Aama is the brainchild of Akua Shabake in collaboration with her mother Rebecca Henry. The brand digs deep, informing its designs with demographics and historical and archival research to tell stories through clothing. There is nostalgia to House of Aama’s looks even as they engage in contemporary conversations. For example, their 2021 Nude collection features silhouettes and shapes that have a vintage feel whose shades explore the various skin tones within Blackness. Not only does the collection reflect family and community legacies of skin color in Black communities, it’s also a timely conversation starter in the Black Lives Matter era. It speaks to the contemporary Black experience with historical perspective — all through gorgeously crafted clothing. 

Do these Mother-Daughter duos inspire you?  Spur some ideas for new collaborations with your mom, friend or mentor?  Let us know!  Thanks for reading today- we appreciate you!