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Crafting a Filipino Fashion Identity with Dovi Gomez Napora

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Dovi DDovi Filipino Dress Design
Dovi Filipino Dress Design Photographer: Rhoscoe Coquia Model: Breanna Brooks

In the world of fashion, a name that has come to symbolize dedication over fleeting trends is none other than Dovi Gomez Napora who is crafting a Filipino fashion identity. To her, style is not just about the ephemeral; it's an enduring movement. Today, she is a brand meticulously crafting a Filipino fashion identity that transcends borders, paying homage to her homeland.

Dovi Filipino Dress Design
Dovi Filipino Dress Design Photographer: Rhoscoe Coquia Model: Breanna Brooks

Dovi's journey in the fashion industry began at 15 when she ventured into runway modeling part-time. She quickly found herself featured in numerous print advertisements and runway shows. The glamour, along with the patterns, shapes, and graceful movements of the garments left an indelible mark on her.

While developing her fashion career, she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and pursued an educator role, stepping away momentarily from the chic world of Manila's fashion scene. Yet, her true calling was not easily forsaken. A passion for fashion for business called Dovi back to her roots. For her, it was imperative to merge these two facets of her identity – creation and education.

In addition, Dovi founded several organizations in the Philippines, including the International Language School in 2007, which bore the name of her firstborn son, the Kirk Bryce Academy of English, and Trendsetter Productions. These ventures catered to her talents and produced various shows and events. Additionally, she introduced GlamourShoppe, a modest fashion store located at the Night Market of Good Shepherd, also known as Ruins in BF Homes, Paranaque City, Philippines.

Denim design by Dovi for Fashion in Flight
Denim design by Dovi for Fashion in Flight

Currently, Dovi resides in Washington, where she is not only a devoted wife to her husband, John Napora, but also a dedicated mother to her sons. John played an instrumental role in furthering Dovi's fashion mission. He translated her visions into reality, sketching her initial designs and infusing them with sleek forms and vibrant palettes. The DOVI Seattle brand emerged in October 2017, manifesting her vision of a harmonious blend of her two homes. This brand caters to women of all ages, underpinned by a fashion philosophy deeply rooted in love. DOVI Seattle made its public debut at The Tacoma Dome's Holiday Food & Gift Festival and garnered immense support from family, friends, the general public, and fashion enthusiasts.

Dovis Denim Mood Board
Dovis Denim Mood Board

The collection Dovi will be showcasing at Fashion in Flight focuses on functional and architectural clothing. Every modernist piece of denim is minimalist with ethical-minded practices. She uses dead stock and damaged fabrics and transforms them into unique refurbished garments in monochromatic hues that complement the figure. Dovi Seattle has been a pioneer in sustainable fashion both in Washington, USA, and the Philippines. For Dovi, sustainable fashion has been a strong commitment ever since she started the brand, and then it becomes a movement and not a trend.

Denim designs in works for the Fashion In Flight Runway show

Dovi's passion for fashion emanates from her joy in expressing emotions through art and her desire to convey narratives through craftsmanship. She believes in the creative potential of the Filipino culture and its uniqueness and distinction. Her designs pay homage to her beloved Philippines' rich traditions, artistry, and heritage, incorporating indigenous materials into her creations. Presently, Dovi is also making a profound impact as a proud PACK member (People for Animal Care and Kindness) and an advocate for the FAKE Movement (Fashion for Animal Kingdom and Environment Movement). Recently, she received recognition as one of the 72 Women-Owned Vegan & Ethical Fashion Brands.

Photo of Dovi Gomez Napora
Dovi Gomez Napora

The woman and the brand share an unwavering commitment to fashion that is both purposeful and responsible. Her name and brand bridge her past and present, connecting two significant nations in a fashion narrative that transforms every garment into a compelling story for Dovi's discerning clientele. This is the essence of the successful DOVI Seattle brand, synonymous with devotion, integrity, and accountability.

"In putting my name at the forefront of my brand, I endeavor to live my dream authentically and responsibly. I have only one name to uphold, and I strive to make my children proud of the legacy I am building." Dovi

To see Dovi on the Runway, join us for the Fashion in Flight Fashion Show at the Museum of Flight, Tacoma, WA. For information, visit:

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