Looptworks: Transforming excess into Beautiful Products

Updated: Apr 14

Looptworks does a whole lot more than make beautiful, hardy bags. They’ve created a zero waste process that takes deadstock and excess materials and transforms them into useful, stylish pieces. Since 2009, they’ve been partnering with companies who have materials to give- and companies who are just plain tired of the wastefulness in the world.

Partners can work with Looptworks to design and produce limited edition products, work to close their manufacturing loop, or to simply tell their story for maximum impact. access upcycled good

In a world of fast fashion and climate change, Looptworks is changing the system. By using what already exists, they not only preserve that material, but they reserve resources from being used to create new. Want to read more about the difference between upcycling, downcycling, and recycling? Good news, they’ve written a blog post all about it. Upcycling saves water, air, and space resources.

They’re not stopping here. Their goal is to work towards truly closed-loop solutions in manufacturing. In the meantime, they’ll continue to work with global networks to find and utilize materials to create products.