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30 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Adapted September 10, 2023

Contributing Writer Anna Y.T. Chui Anna is the Editor-in-Chief and content Strategist of Lifehack. Read full profile

Water Color examples by Color Snacks for Creative Mornings Session
Water Color examples by Color Snacks for Creative Mornings Session

Stuck in your usual routine? Looking for some new sparks of inspiration? A great way to refresh is by trying some new sources to encourage creativity and shake things up a bit. Even if you have ideas, it's good to get new insights and perspectives. Last month I tried something new by participating in a free Virtual Field Trip with Creative was so fun! It aligned perfectly with my choice of picking my Word of the Year.

We love this list of 30 ways to spark your creativity for plenty of options to get your creative juices flowing!

image of Word of the Year with Watercolors
Word of the Year with Watercolors

Violas watercolor examples

Taught by Water Color Artist, Animator, and author Volta Voloshin-Smith. She had such a gentle way about her and was utterly engrossed in the exercises she walked us through and inspired me to do more!

If you feel stuck and unmotivated, you may need a little boost. We all feel uninspired at times. The good news is that it's a natural part of the creative process and something everyone struggles with sometimes. It's normal! The next time you're in a creative dead zone, read this list of 30 ways to spark your creativity

image of 2023 vision board
2023 Vision board


30 Simple Things to Spark Creativity and some helpful links to get you there

1. Change Your Environment: Venture to a new coffee shop for your next WFH session

2. Learn Something New: Need some ideas? We love Creative Mornings Field Trips & New York Adventure Club

3. Create a Vision Board: Create a quick one on Canva and save it to your desktop

4. Get Back to Nature: Get ideas with this app

5. Visit Your Local Bookstore

6. Try a New Creative Art Form: Do you usually draw all your sketches in AI? Refresh your brand with these exercises

image of drawing exercise
drawing exercise

7. Keep a Notebook to Jot Down Ideas: We love these! The reusable Rocketbook & Moleskins

8. Learn About the History of Your Craft: Here is a personal favorite

9. Research What Others in Your Field Are Doing

10. Listen to a New Type of Music

11. Try Meditating: Check out this YouTube channel we love

12. Follow Ten People Who Inspire You on IG or Linkedin

13. Give Yourself the Gift of Time

14. Read an Inspiring Blog Post: Here is one we love

15. Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone: Read How To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in 6 Simple Steps

16. Watch a Great Film- Old Hollywood Classics perhaps?

17. Read an Autobiography of Someone You Admire: A Few We Love in Fashion

18. Google Creativity Quotes Online

.19. Journal Your Thoughts: Check out these tips from Tiny Buddha

20. Ask Someone about Their Greatest Life Lessons

21. Watch an Inspiring TED Talk: Search "Fashion Design" and a variety of topics come up

22. Read One of the Classics: The Great Gatsby for dress inspiration anyone?

23. Experiment With Your Materials Without Pressure

24. Ask Your Creative Friends About their Projects

25. Start Before the Inspiration Strikes

26. Give Yourself A Little Note: Positive affirmation notes to self

27. Look back at history with virtual Zoom events

29. Travel: On a budget? Volunteer and travel at the same time!

30. Strike Up A Conversation With A Stranger: Top Tips from Life Hack

Final Thoughts These are just some ideas to get you started. Which ones resonate with you? Just pick a few, or pick 1 or 2 each month and see what comes out of it. You don’t have to try much to get inspired. Just look around you, and learn to appreciate all the little things. Be creative; go out of your comfort zone; do something you’ve always thought about but haven't done yet. Let us know how it goes!

Animation from Viola at Color Snack
Animation from Color Snacks

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