Remembering 9.11

Dear IFD Friends,

Today marks the Anniversary of September 11 terror attacks. We all have a story to tell about that day, where we were, what we were doing, people we knew that were there, people that were lost.

New York City is where I studied design and built the foundation of my career. I am so grateful for all my experiences there, good and bad, because it shaped me into the person I am today. I was on the George Washington bridge when the first plane hit and will never forget the smoke billowing out of first tower and the aftermath that followed.

Share your story, talk with a friend, reach out to a loved one today and take a moment today to observe, remember, honor and pray for the victims, their families and loved ones lost.

Here is a link to tributes happening today

The New York Historical Society Museum & Library shares artifacts pulled for the ruble along with artwork created by survivors including Hillary North

A few objects from the collection












Artist/Maker Hilary North (1962)

Memorial collage/ mat board of a survivors efforts to find friends


Place MadeNew York, New York, United States, North America

Paper, plastic

Gift of Hilary North


The artist was an employee of Aon who was late arriving to work on 9/11 because she stopped to vote. That day she lost about 60 friends and colleagues in the collapse. The collage is a collection of notes and scribblings she wrote down while frantically and tirelessly researching the whereabouts and/or survival of her friends.

Thanks for stopping in today!  We appreciate you being a part of our community!