Repairing, Refinishing & Revitalizing to create the Fashionable brand: Haunted Doll Vintage

Updated: Apr 14

As soon as you hit her Instagram page, you know you’re in the right spot. The vibes are immaculate, the tones both retro and fresh, and the vintage pieces sing. Sourcing gently used and still-fabulous wares is an art form- and Ash Knotts is an artist, no question.

From embroidered aprons to funky oxfords, the collection feels both diverse and cohesive. When we think of ethical fashion, fighting against fast fashion immediately comes to mind. The ubiquitous and magnetic nature of poorly made, cheaply sold garments poses a distinct and measurable danger to sustainable fashion. When Ash talks about her passion for repurposing and reworking old products, it’s all in the “hopes of keeping things out of landfills”- and it’s not just garments.

She thoughtfully curates housewares as well, keeping an eye on what’s current in interior design but honoring what’s come before. Not everything finds its way to her in perfect form- she spends a good deal of time repairing, refinishing, and revitalizing before she puts items up for sale in her shop.

Haunted Doll Vintage is one of our Ethical Fashion vendors showing at our highly curated pop-up shop in old Chinatown Portland- come by to support small businesses and ethical fashion makers. For information, click the link below

Find Haunted Doll Vintage on Instagram @haunteddollvintage