Show your Work! 10 Ways to Get Discovered!

Updated: Apr 23

We couldn't think of a more appropriate book for our first ever book review. We were recommended Show your Work by Austin Kleon from a friend and fellow industry professional Michele Fifis of Pattern Observer. As creatives, it is often difficult to feel ready to show your work. You want to make sure it's perfect and complete. But what about the process? Isn't it the process that brings us the joy of creating? Yes, finishing a project brings a sigh of relief but it is the process that is where the real creativity happens. Austin Kleon reminds us that we may never feel completely ready to show our work, but if we open our doors and let the world in, it is not only beneficial to us but others as well.

When we were working to prepare our new website back in 2017, Inside Fashion Design, this book motivated us even further to share our projects, ideas, and challenges, which is the purpose behind IFD – so we can all connect and share and learn from each other. Make yourself visible, not just the final product, but the juicy details of your process along the way and we are confident you will inspire others and open your world for stronger connections.

"For connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen – really seen." – Brene Brown
The Key is process, not product. Share something every day (but don't turn into human spam). Keep an amateurs mind, where the possibilities are limitless. Be a connector, a teacher, an open node. Don't hoard.

"Put yourself and your work, out there every day, and you will start meeting some amazing people." – Bobby Solomon

To learn the 10 Ways to Share your Creativity and Get noticed, grab your copy of Show Your Work here

Thank you for stopping by today! We appreciate your time. We love to be inspired and to inspire others, and books is just one of the many ways we find and share inspiration.

Now go out in the world and show your work!